how her 10-year-old comforted her

how her 10-year-old comforted her
how her 10-year-old comforted her

Lolita Chammah has long kept to herself the drama she experienced in 2022: the loss of a baby 12 days after her birth. If getting back on track was and still is difficult, she was able to count on the support of Gabriel, her eldest son aged 10, with extraordinary maturity.

There are pains in life that can be eased, but never forgotten. Lolita Chammah, the daughter of Isabelle Huppert, crosses one of them. In 2022, she is pregnant with her second child. Happy news that turns into a nightmare at just five and a half months of pregnancy.

Forced to give birth, she gives birth a very premature baby: Kolia. Despite doctors’ best efforts to keep him alive, the little boy died 12 days after his birth. A drama that the actress wrote down on paper in her book, I watched the night fallpublished on May 2 by Stock editions.

Invited this Tuesday, May 28, 2024 on the France Inter morning show co-presented by Léa Salamé, Lolita Chammeh returned to this ordeal her family went through. If mourning is of course difficult, if not impossible, getting back on track is an option to continue living for her, and especially for others. Because Lolita Chammah is also the mother of Gabriel, 10 years old.whose first steps in the cinema in the film The Intranquilles by Joachim Lafosse were praised.

Gabriel, a comforting treasure for Lolita Chammah

The truth comes out of the mouths of children, that’s a fact. But their words, sweet and pure thanks to their innocence, can also have a restorative impact. In any case, this is what happened to Lolita Chammah. Questioned by Léa…

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