Letizia of Spain has broken protocol again: why will the royal house never hold it against her?

By Caroline Perrin | Journalist

Obelix of the celebrity press, she fell into it when she was little and never really left the pot. His favorite pastime? Scour the social networks of stars to find clues about breakups or new couples still kept secret.

Queen Letizia of Spain has for several weeks been violating the clothing protocol imposed by her status as sovereign. This was also the case on May 25 for Armed Forces Day in Oviedo. But contrary to what many may think, Feipe VI’s wife has a very good reason for this…

Letizia of Spain has broken protocol again: why will the royal house never hold it against her?

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Over the years, Letizia from Spain has proven that she is an icon to follow in terms of looks. Each of her appearances alone, with her daughters or with her husband, King Felipe VI, is the subject of all attention and the feedback is unanimous: Letizia of Spain knows how to do it when it comes to fashion.

But several weeks ago his appearance changed. Like Kate Middleton before her withdrawal due to her cancer, Letizia from Spain is now focusing on much more casual looks than the dresses and high-heeled pumps to which she is accustomed. It is now often in wide or fitted suits and therefore in pants that the beautiful brunette stands out in public. And since this radical change, she never takes off her pair of white sneakers.

On Saturday May 25, a military parade took place on the occasion of Armed Forces Day in Oviedo. As captain general of the army, King Felipe VI had to attend. And it was his wife on his arm that he enjoyed the show. Letizia from Spain pulled out a red Mango pantsuit and her now essential pair of white sneakers from the Vivo Barefoot brand.

A serious medical reason behind this breach of protocol

In 2022, Letizia from Spain was diagnosed a Morton’s neuroma in the left foot. A detail which, if it is not seen, prevents the queen from moving as she wishes. This disease causes very intense pain accompanied by loss of sensation in the toes. Due to compression of a nerve, it mainly affects women over 50 after having worn heels and narrow shoes for a long time. This is the reason why she no longer wears such shoes and favors sneakers, logically triggering the fact of no longer wearing a dress or skirt.

This illness has consequences on his appearance, but also on his attitude. Letizia notably caused a scandal by welcoming guests sitting on a stool during an official event. In reality, Letizia of Spain was in so much pain that she could no longer stand: “You may initially feel a tingling sensation underneath and between your toes that gets worse over time” indicates the website of the American Hospital of Paris. “This eventually turns into more severe pain. […] The pain gets worse when you walk, stand for long periods of time, and wear tight shoes.“Anti-inflammatory infiltrations, surgical intervention and orthopedic insoles are the solutions to relieve pain…



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