“It is important to also put words to transidentity”: from music to writing, Janis Sahraoui reveals her unique journey

From Sliimy, to Janis Sahraoui, the transgender musician, reveals her story in a book that traces her journey marked by transition and resilience. A look back at a life rich in emotions and twists and turns.

Janis Sahraoui, formerly known as Sliimy, recently presented her book entitled “Reveal my faces”. This autobiographical work traces her life journey, punctuated by the stages of her gender transition and the challenges she had to face.

In her book, Janis Sahraoui recounts key moments in her life, including the loss of her mother at the age of seven, difficulties with her stepmother, as well as her gender identity in a boy’s body. She also addresses topics such as success, debauchery and her father’s view: “I found love in the family I created for myself, with my friends and the people who surround me on a daily basis. This love, I find it in the public, in everything I create today. “

The musician also shared her passions, highlighting the importance of music in her life, as well as her interest in fashion: “Singing is a moment that is extremely precious, there is something very spiritual. It is also linked to my mother because she sang a lot”. “The choir also taught me to be with a group of people. We are all very different, we must unite and listen to each other”adds Janis.

Janis Sahraoui also addressed the issue of her gender identity, emphasizing the importance of breaking stereotypes and offering models of diversity. “I think it is important today to put words also on transidentity, but also on artistic paths.” His book “Reveal my faces” is intended to be a message of hope and understanding, inviting the reader to discover a life journey made of courage and determination.

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