Did you know ? For Artus, the best place in France is… Toulouse!

Did you know ? For Artus, the best place in France is… Toulouse!
Did you know ? For Artus, the best place in France is… Toulouse!


Gabriel Kenedi

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May 26, 2024 at 5:22 p.m.

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In the spotlight since the release of his film “A little something extra”, which is a hit at the cinema with over 3.4 million entries during its first two weeks of distribution – best start of the year! – Artus is regularly solicited by the media.

A few weeks ago, the comedian and director gave an interview to the media Néo, who asked him what his “favorite corner of France”.

“I have an attachment to Toulouse”

And his response was clear: “It’s not easy, because having done a lot of touring, I know France very well now. It’s hard, but I an attachment to Toulouse residents in particular“, indicates the one who lived for a long time in another large city in Occitania, Montpellier (Hérault).

If he goes to the Pink City regularly (and not only when he has shows scheduled), it’s because he has family there, but also friends.

And when we ask him about the people of Toulouse, Artus is really nice !

“I like their simplicity in the good sense of the word. I have lots of friends there. I think this food side, this life side, this rugby side is cool. It is more the art of life and it speaks loudly! », he explains to our colleagues.

Here is the video shot by Néo:

For him, there is only one thing missing… the TGV!

And at the same time he admits to loving the Victor-Hugo market, the belly of Toulouse: “It’s teeming with terroirs and passion. There is no one who sells you a steak, or a radish, or a piece of cheese without telling the story (…). You feel like you’re in a PetitRenaud show [célèbre chroniqueur gastronomique, ndlr], What ! »

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For him, there is only one thing missing in Toulouse to make it the perfect city: ” the TGV ! ». “Being able to get there in less than 4.5 hours would be really good! “.

Patience, Artus… the commissioning of the LGV in Toulouse is planned for 2032!


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