Cannes Film Festival: these young accredited people are disappointed with the organization, here’s why

Cannes Film Festival: these young accredited people are disappointed with the organization, here’s why
Cannes Film Festival: these young accredited people are disappointed with the organization, here’s why


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May 25, 2024 at 1:32 p.m.

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“Accreditation feels like the golden key. In reality, it only provides access to a part of the Festival,” laments Sophie Chomel, 24 years old.

Around his neck, an accreditation bearing the words “3 Days in Cannes”. A program launched in 2018, allowing film fans under the age of 28 to come to the Cannes Film Festival (Alpes-Maritimes).

First come, first served

Simply make your request online, attaching a cover letter. Three three-day sessions are proposed. For Sophie, who dreams of becoming a cultural journalist, it was obvious. “Every film buff has the Cannes Film Festival in mind,” she explains. In 2022, more than 4,000 will come to the Croisette.

But before slipping into a red armchair, you still have to manage to obtain places for the sessions. Because the ticketing system is ruthless : first come, first served. Accredited young people have access two hours after cinema professionals – of course priority.

Sophie had prepared herself for it: “I had read that it was a hassle. But I thought that with the tips they had given me, I would be able to get places.”

Sessions away from the Palais des Festivals

The young woman even went to work thirty minutes early, to make sure she was on time for the opening. Balance sheet, just one movie of its selection. And two others, by clicking “anywhere”.

For these young people who dreamed of the Croisette, the disillusionment is great. The few screenings obtained take place at the Cinéum, a multiplex located about thirty minutes from the city center. Far from the red carpet, then. “When you stay near the Palais des Festivals, you have to leave at least an hour in advance. »

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A lot of time in an already busy schedule. Sophie remains optimistic:

Fortunately this cinema exists! It can accommodate a lot of people, which allows the number of festival-goers to be more fluid. Without that, we would hardly have access to any sessions.


Climbing the steps, an impossible mission

The Holy Grail for everyone accredited? Gala sessions, organized in the evening. Screenings bringing together the elite of cinema, with the traditional climbing the steps. “There is almost no chance of having one,” admits Sophie.

“Everyone wants to attend at least one of them. The team is present, it has nothing to do with a session where the film is simply broadcast. »

This year, she was able to participate in two of these projections. How did she do it? She bursts out laughing: “I didn’t go through the ticket office! A friend managed to find me a place.”

“It was scary! »

Not everyone is so lucky. A few hours before the session, many of them are hanging around near the Palais des Festivals, in evening wear. Sign in handthey hope that a generous person will offer them a place.

Despite the fatigue, Sophie shines. These inconveniences do not taint his happiness. “I have never participated in a festival so close to my passion. » The day before, she was climbing the steps of the Palace. She recalls it with humor: “It was distressing ! I had to be careful with my dress so as not to fall.”

By Lisa Farou, at the Cannes Film Festival

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