congratulations… to the unimaginable on stage in 2025?

congratulations… to the unimaginable on stage in 2025?
congratulations… to the unimaginable on stage in 2025?

March 12, 2007, album “Aller-Retour”, third track, “Reste en chien”. The history of French rap remembers the one and only featuring between Booba and La Fouine. Since 2012, this same story has also been marked by more than a decade of clashes between the two rappers, with “Autopsie 5”, “Paname Boss”, “AC Milan”, “TLT”, “Wesh Morray “, or at the climax of their fight in a Miami gym.

Except that it seems that this emblematic rivalry of the musical genre in France is coming to an end, since the surprise return of Fouiny Baby on the stage of the second edition of Les Flammes on Thursday April 25, 2024.

The surprise

The organizers of the ceremony dedicated to rap had teased a “special moment” without revealing the details. Nobody expected La Fouine to be the artist to take the stage, and yet…

The interpreter of “Du Ferme” made a spectacular entrance. Acclaimed by the crowd, the rapper played a medley of his biggest hits, before taking the opportunity to deliver a message of peace and reconciliation, highlighting the importance of unity in the world of French rap. Words heard by a certain Booba?


In the wake of Les Flammes and a performance at the DVM Show, La Fouine announced that he will perform at Bercy twice on April 8 and 9, 2025. It is at this very moment that B2O enters the stage, releasing a “Strength to him” during a repost on Twitter.

A question was therefore on everyone’s lips: had the two best enemies been reconciled? Still on Twitter, Booba responds: “It’s in the past… We’re not going to become the best friends in the world because the clashes were very real, but when I see him on safari with his daughter, I tell myself that in the end, he deserves a big comeback and mucha plata para su family! Piracy is never over.”

“It’s official,” he wrote in another publication, sharing the video of Jademi, a young TikToker who imagines the two rappers sealing the end of their clash in a court.

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And it’s not finished ! Kopp once again used his smartphone to highlight the second Bercy announced by La Fouine, the places in the first having all gone. “Two Bercys, that’s a lot!” If he is focused, he can come back with a real album or even his best. He still writes 20 times better than most current rappers.”

La Fouine’s reaction? A story in which he shares the title “Stay in dog” and claims that it is a “Fucking Classic”.

The two French rap legends are kicking each other and letting fans imagine the unimaginable…

The unimaginable

If after these few interventions some people dream of a new collaboration or better of seeing them together on stage again, it is because Fouiny is not his first attempt. On May 7, 2011, a huge surprise awaited the public at the Zénith de Paris. The reason ? He invited the rapper Kamelancien on stage and thus ended several years of clashes between them.

Can we dream of such a moment on April 8 or 9, the dates of La Fouine’s two Bercys? Can we even imagine for a single moment an appearance by Booba, and thus witness the greatest reconciliation of French rap? At the time of writing these few lines, this remains only an illusion… The dream of a reconciliation which would forever mark the history of French rap.



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