“In a man, I am attracted to…

“In a man, I am attracted to…
“In a man, I am attracted to…

By Elsa Girard-Basset | Web journalist

Actress highly appreciated by the French public, notably for her cult role in “A Woman of Honor”, ​​Corinne Touzet has long been particularly discreet about her private life. However, she sometimes distils a few confidences here and there, as she did a few years ago about what she was absolutely looking for in a man.

More selective professionally in recent years, Corinne Touzet remains no less active. Starring in the play “Le Duplex” in 2024, the actress wants to explore new territories and no longer get stuck in the routine of a series. This is also why she refused to join the cast of “Un si grand soleil”, the successful France 2 program.

Not used to monopolizing the media, the mother of a certain Jeanne has long maintained a cordon santé between her public life and her private life. She still does it today in many ways, but has been a little more open over the last ten years, and in particular about her relationship with men.

Corinne Touzet clear on her type of men

In an interview with Gala in 2014, the Orthez native explained what she was looking for in a man:

Younger men often hit on me, it’s true, but I’m not careful. In a man, I am attracted to experience and I like wrinkles. I need to be reassured. My first love was 33 and I was 18. I need a shoulder, to lean on someone.

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Words that she supported in 2022, still at the Gala microphone, but after a romantic breakup which made her change her perspective:

I have long been a woman who tended to respect the man I lived with as the one I had to go through to make decisions.

I have always been independent, except when I actually lived with a couple. I think that when we live together, we have to make sacrifices (…) Since then, it’s true that I have become very independent. Today, my freedom has become important, I do what I want and all that suits me very well.

In any case, at this stage of her life, it is obviously the model advocated by Michèle Morgan and Gérard Oury which seems most suited to the actress:

I went to see Roger Hanin on the set of a Gérard Oury film. Michèle Morgan had stopped by. I had never met her, we talked for a long time together, and I dared to ask her if what I had read in the press was true. She told me: “Yes, we live on the same floor, but not in the same apartment.” I found this idea extraordinary. That would suit me very well.

No one knows if Corinne Touzet has recently found love again, but one thing is certain: at 64, the actress has no desire to compromise this freedom that she has (re)discovered, and which suits her wonder. And as long as the eternal interpreter of Isabelle Florent is happy and finds her balance, that’s all that matters!



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