Guillaume Meurice, comedian from France Inter, summoned for “early termination for serious misconduct”


The author, host and comedian Guillaume Meurice, in Paris on March 13, 2024. JOEL SAGET / AFP

France Inter comedian Guillaume Meurice, suspended for three weeks pending possible dismissal, announced on Wednesday May 22 that he had been summoned to a disciplinary committee on May 30 at 2:30 p.m. by the resources department. human resources from Radio France.

“The sanction envisaged is early termination for serious misconduct” of his employment contract, he is reminded in his summons. “No final sanction decision” will not be “notified less than two working days after the commission is held” and the comedian can ask “during the meeting (…) that this minimum period be increased to eight calendar days”, it is specified. When contacted, the management of Radio France did not wish to comment.

Guillaume Meurice was removed from the air on May 2, four days after having reiterated his controversial remarks about Benjamin Netanyahu made at the end of October 2023. He had compared the Israeli Prime Minister to a “kind of a Nazi but without a foreskin”which earned him accusations of anti-Semitism and a complaint, recently dismissed.

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Controversial remarks

The comedian, who may be assisted on May 30 by a person of his choice among Radio France employees, was accompanied by a SUD union representative during his preliminary interview last week.

At the end of this interview, the union explained that Guillaume Meurice was accused of having repeated his controversial remarks “knowing that Arcom [le régulateur de l’audiovisuel] had sent Radio France a formal notice” the first time.

Thus, the chronicler would have “lacked loyalty to his employer” and would have done it “in order to serve personal interests”reports SUD, which disputes this. “The HR department of Radio France has sufficient elements to waive a sanction which could go as far as early termination of the employment contract”believes the union.

A strike against the suspension of Guillaume Meurice had prevented the broadcast of Charline Vanhoenacker’s show on Sunday, May 12, of which he is a part, and disrupted the programs of this station during the day.

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