Judith Godrèche defends Tess Barthélémy, victim of comments on her dress

Judith Godrèche defends Tess Barthélémy, victim of comments on her dress
Judith Godrèche defends Tess Barthélémy, victim of comments on her dress

Coming to Cannes to raise the cause of sexist and sexual violence, Judith Godrèche condemned the comments made on social networks towards her daughter Tess, 19 years old.

Judith Godrèche, one of the voices of the #MeToo movement in France, reacts to the derogatory comments on the dress worn by her daughter Tess Barthélémy in Cannes. In a message published Monday May 20 on Instagram, the French actress is annoyed by the “misogyny” of which the 19-year-old young woman is a victim:

“Leave my daughter alone,” she wrote. “And all the girls, and all the women, covered or short-clad, cis or trans.”

“Stop judging – encouraging – inciting – promoting this rape culture. This misogyny goes around in circles,” she continues, before concluding: “There is still time to exchange grimaces for smiles. Kindness is not a failure.”


Judith Godrèche took to the steps of Cannes last week to present her short film Me too, on sexual violence. She was accompanied by her daughter, who stars and dances in the short film. The young actress and dancer presented herself in a backless dress which sparked derogatory comments on social networks, of which the feminist media Fraîches gives some examples.

The publication denounces the “slut-shaming” of which the teenager is the victim, a practice which “consists of stigmatizing, making people feel guilty or disqualifying any woman whose attitude or physical appearance would be deemed ‘provocative’.”

Colleagues and mother-daughter

Tess Barthélémy is the daughter of Judith Godrèche and the filmmaker Maurice Barthélémy. Mother and daughter respond to each other in Icon of French Cinema, series created by Judith Godrèche and broadcast by Arte last December. This autobiographical story led the 52-year-old actress to file a complaint for rape of a minor against the directors Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon, years after the alleged facts.

Since then, Judith Godrèche has become a leading figure in the liberation of speech. After a speech during the last edition of the Césars, she spoke before the Senate to demand measures to protect young people on film sets.

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