Diddy apologizes after Cassie assault video released – La Nouvelle Tribune

The entertainment world was shaken by the revelation of a video showing Sean “Diddy” Combs, a famous figure in American hip-hop, in an act of extreme violence against Cassie, his ex-girlfriend. Chain CNN released a montage of footage from March 2016, taken at a Los Angeles hotel, where Diddy is seen physically assaulting R&B singer Casandra Ventura, better known by her stage name Cassie.

The footage shows a man, identified as Diddy, running behind Cassie down a hallway at the InterContinental Hotel. He grabs her by the back of the neck, throws her to the ground forcefully, and kicks her while she remains still. The footage captured from different angles is damning: the rapper is seen picking up Cassie’s bags, kicking her again, then dragging her a few feet by the hood of her coat.

Facing public outrage, Diddy spoke out two days after the images were released. In a somber video posted to his social media, he expressed his deep regret and shame over his past actions. “I was disturbed, I hit rock bottom,” he said, adding that he would not seek to justify himself. “My behavior in this video is inexcusable, and I take full responsibility for my actions. »

Continuing his apology, Diddy revealed that he had undertaken a process of personal rehabilitation, including therapy and rehab, and had turned to spirituality to seek redemption. “I am truly sorry for what I did and I am committed to becoming a better man every day,” he stressed.

This case comes in a broader context where Diddy faces several serious accusations, including rape, sexual assault and physical and psychological violence, revealed by a civil complaint filed in New York by Cassie in 2018. Although this complaint was settled out of court, the details remain disturbing and paint a picture of a decade of abusive behavior.

Alex Fine, Cassie’s current husband, was quick to respond as well, claiming on social media that “real men don’t resort to violence against women.” He vehemently condemned Diddy’s actions and called for broader thinking about domestic violence.

This event highlights the importance of confronting domestic violence, which is often hidden behind closed doors, even among public figures. It’s a stark reminder that no one is safe from their own demons and that society must continue to fight these cycles of violence.



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