she is working on the adaptation of a successful French series (video)

Already adapted in eight countries, this series is enjoying incredible international success.

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Published on 05/19/2024 at 09:15


Eva Longoria dazzled the Croisette during the Cannes Film Festival. If the 49-year-old actress obviously set up the markets at the Palais des Festivals, she was also the guest of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, on the set of “C à vous” (relocated for the occasion).

The star took advantage of his appearance on France 5 to announce big news. She will soon be at the helm of the adaptation of the French series “Tix pour cent” for Mexico. “It’s my favorite series,” she told Patrick Cohen. Before expanding: “I watched it ten years ago. Then my husband got the rights. And I told myself that I was going to make this, because it’s something wonderful. »

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“I’m sorry to have ruined this sublime photo”: Jill Vandermeulen involuntarily appears in a photo of Eva Longoria at the Cannes Film Festival, and it’s hilarious (photo)

We do not yet know when the filming of this adaptation will take place, nor which actors will be chosen to interpret the characters of Andréa Martel or Mathias Barneville. On the other hand, we know that the series will be produced by Télévisa, the most important media group in Latin America, owned by Eva Longoria’s husband, José Antonio Baston.

what-is-worth-the-mini-series-The-Veil-where-Elisabeth-Moss-The-Handmaids-Tale-plays-an-English-spy-who-gibbers-the-French .jpgwhat-is-worth-the-mini-series-The-Veil-where-Elisabeth-Moss-The-Handmaids-Tale-plays-an-English-spy-who-gibbers-the-French .jpg

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An international success

As a reminder, “Dix pour cent” was broadcast on France 2, from 2015 to 2020. Created by Fanny Herrero, this series tells the story of an acting agency, with its various employees (played by Camille Cottin, Thibault de Montalembert or even Liliane Rovère), as well as its clients, played by celebrities embodying their own roles (Line Renaud, Nathalie Baye, Fabrice Luchini, Jean Dujardin, etc.) Following the success of the TV series, its four seasons had been made available on Netflix. Enough to propel it to the rank of an international series, adapted throughout the world. Today, “Ten percent” (or “Call my agent” in its English version) has seen more than eight adaptations around the world, including one in the United Kingdom. Four other versions are in development: one in the Philippines, one in the Middle East, one in Malaysia and finally, one in Mexico, produced by Eva Longoria.

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