Cannes 2024: “10 kilos” less for Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine against Jane Fonda

Cannes 2024: “10 kilos” less for Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine against Jane Fonda
Cannes 2024: “10 kilos” less for Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine against Jane Fonda

The Cannes Film Festival has launched. Indeed, this Tuesday, May 14, 2024, the Croisette welcomed a host of film stars for the 77th edition of the International Film Festival. Anna-Taylor Jon, Camille Cottin, Raphaël Quenard, or even Jane Fonda, who had the time to stop by and see Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine on the set of C to youwere present for the launch of the event and to defend their various projects.

The American actress is notably present as an ambassador for the Lights on Women’s Worth prize, intended for promising female short film directors. Elle Fanning will announce the name of the 2024 winner “during a ceremony during the Cinema of Demain dinner, which will be held on May 24 in Cannes, to celebrate emerging talents” as indicated on the L’Oreal website.

Jane Fonda first guest on “C à Vous”

In fact, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine opened the Cannes version of C to you in the company of Jane Fonda to discuss this award but also the love that the American actress has for France. At 86 years old, Roger Vadim’s ex-partner has lost none of her humor.

Arriving with a haircut in her hand on the set of the France 5 daily, she did not fail to make the presenter of C to youas well as columnists Pierre Lescure and Patrick Cohen.

After laughing out loud, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and her guest were able to be more serious and talk about the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. The daily host took the opportunity to discuss the political commitments which have often harmed Jane Fonda during her career.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine becomes a translator

She then explained the reasons for her commitments and why she sometimes preferred to invest more in politics than in cinema. Although the American actress speaks perfect French, she still needed to speak in English, in her mother tongue.

The only problem was that no translator was able to translate the guest’s words live. It was therefore Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine who had to fill this role directly. Although she did wonderfully, she was still able to be “saved” by a translator who arrived at the end of the interview.

“Thank you to the translator who arrived because, really, I lost 10 kilos in 5 minutes! »then quipped the presenter, visibly relieved by this arrival.



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