Jean Reno: “I’m no longer comfortable there”, the actor destroys a few weeks before the Games

Jean Reno: “I’m no longer comfortable there”, the actor destroys a few weeks before the Games
Jean Reno: “I’m no longer comfortable there”, the actor destroys Paris a few weeks before the Olympic Games

Jean Reno began his career in the 1980s. He quickly became one of the most popular actors in French cinema. He became known to the general public thanks to his roles in movies as Leon by Luc Besson, Visitors by Jean-Marie Poiré, or even Nikita also by Luc Besson.

The comedian is known for his intense style, as well as for his imposing physique. He has also appeared in numerous international films, notably alongside major stars such as Tom Cruise, Natalie Portman, and Robert De Niro. Aside from his acting career, Jean Reno is also a motorsport enthusiast and has participated in several car races.

Jean Reno hates the city of

This , May 8, the iconic actor gave his heart out opened in an interview given to Paris Match for the release of his very first novel, Emma. The opportunity for the actor to share some confidences about this book: “I don’t write to get rid of something. But I must admit that I was surprised that my manuscript was accepted by my publisher, XO. I asked them: ‘Are you sure this is readable? ‘. They answered yes!” did he declare.

During this interview, he also returned to his new life far from , in New York where he settled with his third wife Zofia Borucka and mother of his last children. And if the actor enjoys his life abroad, he no longer likes Paris at all: “As for Paris, I don’t like it at all anymore. It’s confusing, chaotic, violent. I’m no longer comfortable there and a lot of friends from my generation think the same.”he explained to our colleagues.

Jean Reno’s secrets about Provence

On the other hand, he really appreciates the tranquility of the south of France, more precisely Provence where he has a house: “I spent the pandemic with family in Baux-de-Provence, where I have a house. There, the silence is wonderful. We said that the planet had slowed downhe revealed.

Moreover, Jean Reno has many friends in the south of France: “The south is great. Daniel Auteuil is very close to me, Didier Flamand is in . In Baux-de-Provence, I give singing and theater lessons, and I lend a hand to the mayor. I adore”he concluded.



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