Léna Mahfouf signs an unprecedented collab with Caudalie

Léna Mahfouf signs an unprecedented collab with Caudalie
Léna Mahfouf signs an unprecedented collab with Caudalie

The star influencer of Generation Z becomes the first muse of the Caudalie brand, with whom she imagined an inclusive and offbeat campaign.

When Léna Mahfouf remembers her first meeting with the founder of Caudalie Mathilde Thomas, she did not expect to be received in the family apartment around a homemade apple pie. “I couldn’t believe that she managed to grow her brand to this international level and that she continues to manage it, while keeping family values,” recalls the 26-year-old social media star. She discovers a connected woman, who seeks to understand Gen Z and their way of consuming. Between the two women, the understanding is immediate. And the collaboration sealed. They imagine a unique campaign anchored in the spirit of the times for the Vinoperfect serum, a best-seller of the brand. “I liked the idea of ​​co-creating a story that changes from traditional advertising, where everything is slick and unattainable. Sell ​​reality, not just dreams. And for that, Caudalie had guts,” says Léna.

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After a casting organized on Instagram which attracted hundreds of candidates, three finalists and subscribers of Léna were chosen. Mathilde, Nasrine, Giulia: all are really affected by pigment spots. Further proof that “this new generation wants to participate in the conversation, and not just be a spectator of what others may have,” adds Léna. The result ? An offbeat campaign broadcast on the Web and social networks, to be discovered now on the brand’s Instagram account, as well as public displays and a TV film which will be revealed immediately. But there is no question, under the guise of humor, of making it into something exclusive. “Even if it’s my preferred way of expressing myself, we shouldn’t take everything as a joke. Especially when we are talking to someone who has spots or who feels bad about themselves, at the risk of accentuating their injuries.”

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A voice that carries

The young woman admits, her teenage acne left its mark, without being a complex that ruined her life. “Probably because I was focused on other problems, like my hair. » She also knows that her voice and her platform allow her to relay the various issues of her large community (4.5 million subscribers on Instagram, nearly 3 million on YouTube). One of the advantages of social networks, even if they can also give way to collective lynching. The one who has been portraying her daily life since 2016 knows this better than anyone: she had to face a wave of body shaming after an appearance at the last Cannes Film Festival in May 2023. A storm that she weathered thanks to those around her . “I am more comfortable with myself as I move forward in life. I mourned perfection.” But she concedes that not everyone is necessarily equipped to have the necessary perspective. “A negative comment should not be minimized, because it also affects those who read it. I do not want to trivialize the ripple effect of this hatred, especially on the youngest.”

Show yourself naturally

However, we cannot deny the fact that Instagram, YouTube or TikTok have also helped to impose a new vision of beauty. A small revolution, led in particular by Léna. “I’ve often been told that it’s refreshing and even feminist to see a girl who doesn’t have hair or makeup in her videos. It’s still crazy to put so many big words and values ​​on showing yourself naturally. Social media has finally allowed women to control their narratives and how they want to present themselves.” Which doesn’t mean, however, that Léna always feels comfortable with her image, which we see everywhere, from the Met Gala to the César red carpet. “The more we look at each other, the more we find things to complain about. I like to see myself in my mirror from time to time, but I don’t like to focus on it.”

In her daily life, this hyperactive woman has also learned to listen to her skin better: “After excessive exposure to the sun or dietary habits, the skin speaks for itself, it expresses itself for us.” She also learned how to take care of it. “Controlling what we put on our face and analyzing the compositions is one of the only things we have 100% control over,” she emphasizes. If she sometimes closes her eyes to please herself, especially when it comes to makeup, she remains faithful to her essentials, found mainly in pharmacies. A requirement which further reinforces the weight of the collaboration with Caudalie, the brand having reviewed all its formulations to be ever more transparent and clean. The young woman also decided to take better care of her body, from the inside, following hospitalization for an ulcer last year. “I take food supplements, I drink my collagen every morning, I do boxing, I try to eat healthily, and I even stopped sugar, to which I was addicted.”

Caudalie’s Vinoperfect serum is number 1 for anti-dark spots in Europe thanks to Viniferine, an active ingredient derived from vine sap.
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New approach

However, she readily admits, her relationship with beauty always proves ambiguous. “I would like to approach the issue of makeup differently. I often used it for camouflage. Now, above all, I would like him to put me forward. And although she sometimes goes to bed at night without removing her makeup, she conscientiously applies sun protection every day. “I give advice that I try to apply myself. Is this hypocritical or to motivate ourselves together? I don’t know.” An honesty which has made him successful, and which today has earned him the opportunity to host Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya in his podcast, Six-seater sofa. Before, perhaps, one day welcoming Rihanna, who, in his eyes, “has a gift for reinventing herself”. Another inspiring businesswoman for one who speaks to an ever-widening audience. With the main message being the idea that we can “carry out several projects at the same time, make mistakes, and above all never let ourselves be put in a box.”



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