host Jordan de Luxe (34 years old) reveals the amount of his salary

host Jordan de Luxe (34 years old) reveals the amount of his salary
host Jordan de Luxe (34 years old) reveals the amount of his salary

Usually, it’s Jordan De Luxe who asks questions about the finances of his various guests, but this time, it’s up to him to comply and reveal the salary he earns as a guest. facilitator. We tell you everything.

Over the years, Jordan De Luxe has made a name for himself in the media world by establishing himself as the interviewer specializing in money matters. In fact, since 2022, he has been at the head of his own show broadcast on C8. In this television program, the host receives personalities and celebrities like Jean-Marc Sylvestre and Patrick who do not fail to give details on the amount of their pensions. Once is not customary, it was the turn of the C8 host to reveal his salary.

Jordan de Luxe reveals what he perceives for his daily life on C8

YOU piss off everyone with that!

The TV presenterrecognizable by his bow tie, was the guest of numerous media as part of the promotion of his autobiography: What are you for? During his visit to Cyril Hanouna’s set as part of theemission Facing Hanouna, the 34-year-old host had to answer many questions. Cyril Hanouna did not fail to give him a lift by questioning him about the amount he earns thanks to his cult show on C8. Seeing his guest’s surprised look, Baba added: Wait, you’re pissing everyone off with this! Moreover, Jordan De Luxe had questioned former host Fabienne Amiach on the same subject.

Between 4000 and 6000 euros

For his show on C8, Jordan De Luxe confided that he earns between 4,000 and 6,000 euros gross per month. When giving the answer, the young host seemed embarrassed to to do his accounts in front of the cameras. To add to this, Cyril Hanouna teasingly told his guest It’s not a day, I would know. However, Jordan De Luxe’s ​​response didn’t convince everyone on set. It is for this reason that Gilles Verdez requested more details on the total amount of the salary by Jordan De Luxe. Remember that the latter is the head of a company of three people and he is also a producer

Yes we are moving forward, I am making progress

To respond to Gilles Verdez, Jordan De Luxe, visibly embarrassed, launched I think you’re going to have problems with Cyril. He then clarified that he earns around 6,000 euros roughly. A response to which Gilles Verdez did not fail to react immediately by specifying: It’s progressing, because in the book, it’s 4000. You went to 6000 in a few days, well done. Jordan De Luxe responded to Gilles Verdez’s intervention by specifying that he makes progress like him.

Jordan De Luxe on his salary

He was ashamed of earning more than his father

Jordan de Luxe is a native of Rennes who comes from a modest middlethe magazine tells us His father is a guard at a recycling center and his mother is a computer scientist. So he knows very well what money represents. This young animator who knows the value of money is very proud of his professional success and was once ashamed of earning more than his father.

His father worked as a convict

Jordan De Luxe realizes the difference between him and his father. His father worked to exhaustion in a job very difficult and in a modest way, he was able to earn his living. Jordan De Luxe, for his part, simply asks questions to guests so that they give details on the amounts that they win, like Isabelle Balkany for example. The host reveals that he is very often self-conscious on the set of his show, because certain subjects are taboo for him. This is why he talks about it on television.

It’s his mother who manages my accounts

Although it is not easy for the 34-year-old host to flaunt his money in front of his parents, he still likes pretty Things. Cyril Hanouna’s former columnist reveals he is ashamed to appear in front of his father with beautiful watches on his wrist, knowing that he worked hard throughout his life to buy a house. He also admitted to the magazine Audience having been very spendthrift in the past, because charmed by the luxury since a young age. This is why he needed to get help from his mother in order to better manage his finance.



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