Géraldine Carré, mother of 4 children: a life turned upside down by her babies

By Claire Legrand | Editor

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She died at just 54 years old, leaving behind her husband and their 4 children. About twenty years ago, Géraldine Carré made tender confessions about her family to “La Dépêche” and confided that she had completely changed her life when she became a mother.

Géraldine Carré, mother of 4 children: a life turned upside down by her babies

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We learned yesterday with great sadness of the death of Géraldine Carré at only 54 years old on May 3, 2024. Mother of Sasha (1998), Alma (2000), Ava (2005) and Lazslo (2007), fruits of her marriage to Patrick Bauer , the former host of the cult show Intimate Confessions gave an interview in 2001 to our colleagues at The Dispatch evoking the loves of his life, his children. She was then 32 years old.

A radical change for his children

The middle of the night fascinates you. Are you still a moth?” the journalists asked her. With great frankness, she replied: “I was. Now it’s more difficult with my two daughters, 18 months and 3 years old. I’m a little ‘grandma’. I loved partying, but hey… it’s not the same anymore. This makes me more tired. This environment is exciting from a curiosity point of view. There really are cases. It’s a world that remains atypical. I like this excessive side because it is unusual but only as a spectator“.

As a reminder, Géraldine Carré received a moving tribute from Benjamin Castaldi on X after her death: “Geraldine, we did not meet often, but each of these rare times was marked by respect and sincere affection. Today, as I search for the right words, everything I feel turns into a deep admiration for the person you were. Your values, your kindness and your smile remain engraved in our memories. It’s definitely always the best who leave“, we can read on the social network.

For his part, Julien Courbet, with whom Géraldine Carré has collaborated extensively, also reacted on X: I am very saddened to learn of the disappearance of Geraldine Carré. I met her on vacation, we talked about radio. When I returned, I entrusted him with the presentation of Intimate Confessions on TF1, lots of class, perspective, self-deprecation, humor. Rest in peace my Gégé”.

A career in television, radio and literature

During her career, Géraldine Carré had worked on Europe 2 in the 1990s then on Europe 1. On television, she started on Paris Premiere in 1994 then on France 2 and finally on TF1 And Canal Plus. She was the face of shows such as It can happen to you, by Julien Courbet, Life in plain terms, produced by Jean-Luc Delarue, TV qua no, And if that happened to you, VIP languages but also The Masons of the Heart. A career which was also literary since she had published a book devoted to motherhood, with the journalist Alix Girod de l’Ain, in 1999: You, my baby.



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