How Tidiane Sy, son of Omar Sy, is making a name for himself in American basketball

How Tidiane Sy, son of Omar Sy, is making a name for himself in American basketball
How Tidiane Sy, son of Omar Sy, is making a name for himself in American basketball

Son of Omar Sy, Tidiane Sy (18 years old) has shone over the last two seasons in the United States under the colors of Calabasas High School (California), in the high school basketball circuit. An athletic, spectacular and versatile player, he can, according to his coaches, try to aim for a professional career.

It’s an admission filled with pride. That of a father for his son. “I love basketball but I’m not a very good player. If I have a basketball project, it’s him.” Coming to take a little detour on the BeIN Sports set during an NBA All Star Game, in February 2023 in Salt Lake City, Omar Sy cannot hide his admiration for the man he affectionately calls his “little one”.

The little one is Tidiane Sy, 18 years old since March 5 and around 1.92m under the gauge. In the shadow of his dad’s immense popularity, the young man slowly begins to make a name for himself. In France, those most passionate about the orange ball may have seen a highlight of the young man, particularly athletic. “He loves to dunk on his opponents and can really jump out of the gym,” image Matthew Gruskin, one of his coaches on the Calabasas (California) high school team and West Coast Elite Basketball “, a development program for players on the American West Coast.

With Selly (born in 2001), Sabah (2003), Alhadji (2009) and Amani-Nour (2017), Tidiane (2006) is one of the five children of Omar and Hélène Sy, living near Los Angeles since 2012 This is the trajectory of his father, who became a huge star after the success of.Untouchables, which led him to grow up in the United States.

“There, the notoriety is gentler. I needed to protect my kids,” confided the actor during an interview with Psychologies in December 2022.

Unwittingly, Tidiane Sy also played an indirect role in this departure across the Atlantic. “One day, while taking my son Tidiane to school, I heard ‘He’s Omar Sy’s son’. Whereas before, I was Tidiane’s father. There, in front of me, we come to remove my child’s first name from the equation, while school is his space”, detailed in the columns of Parisian the one who now has a cinema in his name in Trappes (Yvelines), his hometown.

It was therefore in California that Tidiane Sy, who became a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, developed his passion for basketball. In 2020-2021, he arrived at Calabasas high school, northwest of Los Angeles, in his first year (9th grade in the United States, the equivalent of 3rd grade in France).

“An aura that makes players admire him and gravitate around him”

That year, sports competitions were all canceled due to Covid-19. We therefore had to wait until the 2022-2023 season to see Tidiane Sy at work on the courts. The young man immediately earned his place in the high school team’s major five. Apart from a stint at Bishop Gorman High School, an establishment located near Las Vegas, where he temporarily lived during his second year (2022-2023 season), he will never let go.

In 2023-2024, Tidiane Sy, a point guard capable of catching fire in scoring, was quite simply the best scorer on his team, with an average of 17.5 points per game. His performances also allowed him to be selected in the typical team of the best players in Ventura County. Also a good rebounder (6.5 rebounds per game), he shines with his versatility on both sides of the court.

“Tidiane is a complete player. He is capable of shooting three-pointers, dribbling, passing and attacking the basket,” praises Jon Palarz, his coach at Calabasas High School. “Over the last two seasons, he has been an important passer and scorer while always defending the opposing team’s best player. Tidiane really has the ability to stop opponents, in addition to his firepower on attack. “

Tidiane Sy also shines off the field, where he impresses with his leadership qualities and his charisma. “He has a very strong voice in the locker room. Tidiane has an aura that makes players admire him and gravitate around him,” assures Matthew Gruskin, who has worked with him for a little over two years.

“He went from being a role player in his first year to being a captain and leader in his final year,” summarizes Jon Palarz.

A future as a professional player?

At 18, Tidiane Sy is now at a turning point. According to Jon Palarz, he plans to start a “prep school”, a sort of preparatory school in the form of an academy between high school and the first year at the University. This is a common step for high potential players.

“This prep will give him the opportunity to generate more interest at the university level,” summarizes Matthew Gruskin.

The question will then quickly arise as to whether he can have a career in basketball. “Tidiane is still very young and it is too early to say whether he will become professional or not. If that is what he decides to do, he has to be consistent and give his best- even every day, he is at the beginning of his development process,” explains Matthew Gruskin.

At just 18 years old, and while he has not yet started his university career, Tidiane Sy still has a lot of time ahead of him. Outside of the NBA, the Holy Grail for all basketball players on the planet (he could only present himself from the 2025 draft, the year he turns 19), a professional career – if that’s what ‘he wishes – cannot be ruled out.

“There are many levels and places for professional basketball in the world. Tidiane certainly has the athletic ability to do it,” said Jon Palarz. “If he works on his game consistently in the coming years, I think he has a good chance of playing at a major college and professionally.” Enough to make his dad a little more proud.

Felix Gabory Journalist RMC Sport

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