here is the small village in which the successful singer lives in peace

here is the small village in which the successful singer lives in peace
here is the small village in which the successful singer lives in peace

Life has not always been kind to the famous French artist Gilbert Montagné. He has been handicapped since the cradle. However, his passion for music led him to overcome his weaknesses. In a small village, he loves spending moments of pure happiness. Discover this authentic place.

Gilbert Montagné, 72 years old, is a very famous French artist. Suffering from a retinopathy from the cradle, an eye disease that attacks children born prematurely, we recognize him in the street with his sunglasses and his cane. Despite this infirmity, the septuagenarian did not feel sorry for himself. He is I’songwriter of several successful titles including In my piano there are birds And Music crazy which earned him certain distinctions in France. The musician artist recharges his batteries in a small authentic village. We give you a guided tour.

Gilbert Montagné: this small village full of charm is very dear to his heart

Gilbert Montagné’s favorite destination

It’s in Auvergne, in Allier, that the singer spends most of his free time recharging his batteries and he feels good there as shown in the TFI Info report. In fact, since his early childhood, he had been going to this locality to spend time with his grandmother. Since then, this habit has been anchored in his daily life and the people of Auvergne are quite happy and honored to come across him from time to time in a café or during simple walks on sunny days.

The reasons for his attachment

In addition to being a nest of memories for the singer, Auvergne is above all the locality in which Gilbert Montagné and his wife Nicole were married in 1999. The ceremony took place in all simplicity at the edge of a pond, surrounded by nature, with just the elements that the author likes: his lover, close friends, family members and above all, an ounce of good vibrations resonating like a blessing of nature. The town is also the seat of one of the most beautiful French lakes. How can you not be in love with it?

More than a city, a muse

When the interpreter of Color mix finds himself in the streets of Auvergne, one of the four regions that the current president wants to redistribute, it is a crazy happiness for him and for the residents who love his melodies. For them, it’s as if time stops when he’s there. In turn, fans come to ask him to sign autographs, some immortalize the moment with Pictures. HAS Saint-Léonhis paternal village in which the family house, the large intersection on the public square bears his name. The artist is proud of it, because it was on this alley that he was spontaneously inspired to write his title The Fool while he was leisurely walking around at the age of 16.

Gilbert Montagné: resistant to the hardships of life

A fragile birth

It was in 1951 that the artist was born in Paris. He is the fourth child of a modest family. To add insult to injury, his parents welcomed a premature birth with a very small baby who weighed only 950 g. To complete his growth, the doctors installed him in an incubator. Unfortunately, air too rich in oxygen invaded the device and left after-effects on the infant: retinopathy which took away his sight.

A passion that heals

Despite his disability, Gilbert enjoys life to the fullest. Very early on, he discovered an overwhelming passion for music. To channel all this love, his parents enroll him in a specialized establishment where he receives a traditional, but rigorous, education. All alone, in his spare time, he creates musical varieties on his piano such as rock and jazz. Later, he stayed for many years at the National Institute for Young Blind People on Boulevard des Invalides.

Efforts rewarded

Once these stages have been completed, Gilbert Montagné spends several auditions before recording his first 45 which was a real success. Then, he will have an exceptional career marked by numerous rewards. In 1982, he was made a knight of the Order of Arts and Letters. In 2011, Nicolas Sarkozy named him an officer of the National Order of Merit. Gilbert is also passionate about TV programs. Fans were happy to see him in Mask Singer, during the 3rd season.



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