We take stock of the Kendji Girac affair, eleven days after the gunshot wound he inflicted on himself

We take stock of the Kendji Girac affair, eleven days after the gunshot wound he inflicted on himself
We take stock of the Kendji Girac affair, eleven days after the gunshot wound he inflicted on himself

What happened?

Kendji Girac, known since his victory in the 2014 edition of “The Voice”, was hospitalized on Monday April 22 in Pessac, near Bordeaux, after a serious gunshot wound to the chest that he inflicted on himself.

Eleven days later, the 27-year-old singer is still hospitalized but his vital prognosis is no longer in jeopardy, indicated Here is this Wednesday, May 3.

How does he justify his action?

Kendji Girac wanted fake a suicide For scare your partnerwho threatened to leave him after an argument, said Mont-de-Marsan prosecutor Olivier Janson on Thursday April 25.

The interpreter of “Andalouse” had indicated to investigators the day before that he “failed to check whether the magazine (…) included ammunition or not.” “He said he took responsibility for what he did while regretting it very much”added the magistrate.

Analyzes showed that Kendji Girac was heavily alcoholicat more than 2.5g per liter of blood, and had consumed cocaine during an evening and a night of partying, during which he notably went to the Biscarrosse casino with friends.

What does his wife say?

“Tensions arose due to an emerging addiction to alcohol, a subject which generated great tension in the couple,” explained Olivier Janson, also evoking differences over their itinerant lifestyle, his partner Soraya Miranda wanting to stop traveling so that their daughter would not “magnifying glass (not) on a school day”.

The singer of “Color Gitano” had already said in the past that he was going to shoot himself or cut his throat in the context of disputes”according to comments from Soraya Miranda reported by the prosecutor.

In “deep anger”she would have gone with their three-year-old daughter to Switzerland, her country of origin, one of her relatives reported to Paris Match.

“She could not stand his action. She finds it irresponsible, endangering the life of their daughter”who was present in the caravan when Kendji Girac fired.

What is he risking?

“Simulating suicide or threatening to do so helps tighten theright of way that one has on his companion”deciphered for - the lawyer Nathalie Tomasini, specializing in domestic violence. “All the more so since this woman is not one of the Travelers and she was very poorly received.”

“There are very likely psychological violence existing well upstream. We don’t get to extreme violence, as is the case now, if there hasn’t been violence for months and months.” explained the lawyer, who denounced a vice versa of guilt.

“[Soraya Miranda] will be shown responsible for his distress: she wanted to leave, it made him unhappy and he suffered so much that he took action (…) But we must not reverse the roles.” The lawyer said to herself “shocked” by the messages making Kendji Girac look like a victim.

The singer could be punished by law if his partner decided to file a complaint.



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