How did Dua Lipa, the teenager who launched herself on YouTube, become an essential popstar? – Evening edition West-France

How did Dua Lipa, the teenager who launched herself on YouTube, become an essential popstar? – Evening edition West-France
How did Dua Lipa, the teenager who launched herself on YouTube, become an essential popstar? – Evening edition West-France

In less than ten years, the 28-year-old singer has risen to the rank of the biggest pop stars of recent years and released her third album, Radical Optimism, as a note of intention. An illustration of his visibly growing success and his desire to extend his influence to other artistic and financial spheres.

The album has barely been launched when questions are already arising. How do Dua Lipa and her artistic teams manage to create music whose origins always seem audible, without being clearly defined? Because this is one of the keys to the success of the 28-year-old Anglo-Albanian singer: managing to very skillfully mix pop demands, South American melodies, and Balkan sound reminiscences. Three elements then. The first to reach the general Western public, the second to open up to other parts of the world, and the third to define its sound style.

With this recipe, Dua Lipa has become one of the biggest pop stars of the last ten years, and has just released her third album, Radical Optimismwith worldwide impact.

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Social networks as a basis

Long before its release, this album was talked about. Because the two singles sent as scouts, namely Houdini And Training Season, have been juggernauts, accumulating billions of streams and views between them. A relatively logical development given the singer’s career.

Born in London to Kosovar and Bosnian parents, her musician father gave her a taste for the arts. She began with a modest career as a model before experiencing almost immediate success with her title. Be The One, success in England and number one in Belgium. After signing with Warner, she expressly took off and released her eponymous album two years later, which this time ensured her top of the charts in her own country.

The route so far has been quite usual. But between achieving notoriety and becoming a world star, there is a world of difference. This world is that of marketing. The image deployed by Dua Lipa over the last seven years has seen her go from the confident and simple young woman, concerned, despite the confidence she exudes, to maintain a link with her audience, to an extraordinary pop diva. ‘achievement.

The shift really took place in 2020, during the release of his second album, Future Nostalgiastrengthening its media presence, its collaborations with prestigious brands such as Yves Saint-Laurent, and its virality on social networks.

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The latter are a pillar of its success – Tik Tok in the first place (since its title One Kiss, published in 2018, set the platform in turmoil), Instagram as well – allowing him to show the different facets of his career, which in addition to being musical, is also that of a muse, of a public figure scrutinized even in his romantic relationships. She has been seen in the arms of French director Romain Gavras, Anwar Hadid, and more recently actor Callum Turner.

The essential business sense

This new album is a great sweep of the musical possibilities of its author. He ventures into electronic music, notably house, but also into sentimental songs or complex pop, with a recurring second degree, which already characterized his piece Dance The Night, performed for the soundtrack of the film Barbie, released last year. A feature film in which she plays a very small role, closer to a cameo than an acting performance.

It is proof of the desire to expand one’s artistic universe towards an entrepreneurial strategy, essential when one wishes to sit at the table of Beyoncé, Rihanna or Taylor Swift, all three renowned for their business acumen. The Service95 newsletter, which Dua Lipa founded in 2021, is one of the illustrations of this stated desire to conquer the world. That of music, but also that of business.



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