“I’m starting to bleed”, “it was horrible”: Adriana Karembeu looks back on this filming for France 2 which went wrong

“I’m starting to bleed”, “it was horrible”: Adriana Karembeu looks back on this filming for France 2 which went wrong
“I’m starting to bleed”, “it was horrible”: Adriana Karembeu looks back on this filming for France 2 which went wrong

It’s time for secrets for Adriana Karembeu. At 52, the pretty blonde from Slovakia has just released her autobiographical book entitled “Libre”. In this work, the former model turned presenter and businesswoman reveals for the first time that she escaped rape.

Having become the mother of a little girl, Adriana Karembeu decided to break the silence decades after her attack which she kept secret for a long time.

Adriana Karembeu says she escaped rape

“One day, my agent asked me to meet a director for a project. I go to his house alone for the meeting, I am naive enough not to be suspicious because it is the afternoon. I ring his doorbell. The director, who already has several films to his credit, welcomes me with a smile, invites me to come in and sit down. After a brief discussion on the scenario, he gets up and moves closer to me on the couch. He places his hand on his knee, then suddenly throws himself on me, kissing me violently. I feel his saliva on my face and on my chest” she says in her book.

Aged 35 at the time, the ex-wife of footballer Christian Karembeu explains that he managed to struggle : “I forcefully push him away, shocked that he dared to attack me. I summoned the strength necessary to push back this infamous predator and escape. If I had been twenty, I think I would have been more deeply affected.”.

A terrible memory linked to the start of her pregnancy

This Saturday, May 4, 2024, and on the occasion of the release of her autobiography, the mother will be invited to the set of the show “We’re making TV again” on RTL radio. During her interview with Eric Dussart, she confides in that day when, while she was pregnant, she thought she lost her baby in the middle of filming a show for France 2.

“It was horrible… At the time, I was pregnant. I do my test the day before filming. It was filming for ‘The Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body’ where we went to Lapland in the cold. I’m two or three weeks pregnant.” remembers Adriana Karembeu before specifying that she decided to only talk about it to the producer.

After a long snowmobile ride, she then begins to lose blood : “It was flat. There were no bumps or anything, but these little snowmobile vibrations… Anyway… We arrived at our destination. It’s -100 degrees. It is very cold. In a house. I will remember it all my life. Suddenly, I start to bleed. End of the world. I’m in the toilet. I’m bleeding, so I tell myself this is the end. When you bleed like that, you’ve lost a baby. I collapse on the ground” she remembers.

Adriana Karembeu in tears live on the radio

In tears while remembering this sad incident, Adriana Karembeu adds that the producer then also collapsed alongside herunderstanding the situation: “It was horrible… It was over…Then, the next day, she took me to the doctor. She invented something for the team. I go to the gynecologist and he can’t find the baby on ultrasound. For me, it was confirmation that it was over.”she remembers.

Eventually, more fear than harm because everything gets better when he returns : “When I return to Paris, I have another echo for correction. I know what I’m going to hear. The gynecologist said to me: ‘Great, everything is fine, he’s there.’ It was crazy! “.



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