Charlotte of Wales: The moving tribute hidden in the photo celebrating her birthday

It’s a photo that will please all lovers of the English royal family and which does a lot of good for everyone in this complicated period. After the successive announcements of the cancers of Charles III and Kate Middleton, they were finally able to celebrate good news with the birthday of little Charlotte of Wales. For the latter’s 9th birthday, an adorable photo in which we can admire her immense hair and her resemblance to her family was revealed on her parents’ social networks. “Happy ninth birthday, Princess Charlotte! Thank you for all the kind messages”write Prince William and his wife, followed by more than 16 million subscribers on their Instagram account.

A photo which made Internet users react, in particular because of its resemblance to two members of the royal family of England. “Doesn’t she look more and more like her grandmother, Princess Diana, as she gets older?”asks an Internet user, while another points out the fact that the little girl “looks so much like his dad”. A beautiful day for the sister of George (10 years old) and Louis (6 years old), who had the chance to be photographed by her mother in person and obviously, Kate Middleton and her daughter had planned a beautiful tribute to the late Elizabeth II, when taking the photo.

Flowers named in tribute to Elizabeth II

As indicated in the Daily MailCharlotte of Wales poses right next to flowers which are not foreign to the royal family of England since they are Clematis Elisabetha selection of Clematis montana named in homage to the Queen Mother, who died on September 8, 2022.

A nice attention from Kate Middleton and her daughter, whose birth 9 years ago to the day brought big profits to certain brands. According to information from Brand Finance, Charlotte of Wales brought in 4 billion euros in 4 months in the United Kingdom, when she was just a baby. Her rare appearances in 2015 allowed the brands worn by the young girl to make a fortune as they were in high demand overnight.



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