Maria Teresa of Luxembourg wears the tiara of King Philippe’s aunt at the state banquet in Laeken

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg ended her day on April 16, 2024 by participating in the state banquet at Laeken Castle, with the honoring of the Belgian tiara, belonging to the sister of King Albert II of Belgium. This birthday of Grand Duke Henri was also the first day of the state visit of the Grand Ducal couple to Belgium, to King Philippe, cousin of the Luxembourg sovereign.

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Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg wears the Belgian tiara to conclude the first day of her state visit to Belgium

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg carried out the first day of their state visit to Belgium, this April 16, 2024. After institutional visits, moments of contemplation and a crowd bath on the Grand -Place de Bruxelles, the day ended at Laeken Castle, the residence of Belgian sovereigns.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Grand Duke Henri, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde in the Rotunda of Laeken Castle (Photo: Jean-Claude Ernst/LUXPRESS)

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Grand Duke Henri also celebrated his 69th birthday this Tuesday and he could not dream of better than celebrating it with his first cousin, King Philippe of Belgium. The Belgian sovereigns organized a state banquet to conclude this first day of visit for their Luxembourg guests. After the welcome in the Rotunda, the guests sat in the Grand Gallery, where the two heads of state toasted this visit. After dinner, the evening continued in the Winter Greenhouse adjoining the castle.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa toasts with King Philippe (Photo: Jean-Claude Ernst/LUXPRESS)
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wears an imposing necklace and the grand amaranth ribbon of the order of Leopold I (Photo: Jean-Claude Ernst/LUXPRESS)

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Queen Mathilde of Belgium wore her prestigious Nine Provinces tiara, the most majestic tiara in the Belgian royal casket. It is also the only tiara that can only be worn by the reigning queen or the sovereign’s wife. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa had taken out the Belgian tiara with buckles, an obvious and symbolic choice.

The state visit is exceptional in more than one way, particularly because of the very close relationship between the two heads of state who are first cousins. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore the tiara of her mother-in-law, Joséphine-Charlotte, aunt of King Philippe (Image: Histoires Royales)

This tiara was offered by Société Générale to Princess Joséphine-Charlotte of Belgium, sister of Kings Baudoin and Albert II, on the occasion of her marriage to the future Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg in 1953. Joséphine-Charlotte and Jean are the parents of the current Grand Duke Henri and in-laws of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wears the Belgian tiara that her mother-in-law received at her wedding (Photo: Jean-Claude Ernst/LUXPRESS)

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The tiara was designed by Henry Coosemans, made of platinum and set with diamonds. The diamonds come from Congo. Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte wore it on numerous occasions. When he died in 2005, his children considered selling it at auction. Public opinion widely criticized this decision and the jewel was not sold. Today it is worn regularly by the wife of Grand Duke Henri.

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