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Last minute rush: here are the last interesting availabilities to grab!

Last minute rush: here are the last interesting availabilities to grab!
Last minute rush: here are the last interesting availabilities to grab!

At Neckermann, the increase in last minute bookings reached 10%.

Tourism: in 2024, the Belgian holiday budget has increased by more than 25% compared to last year

We have already observed an increase in spending by Belgians over the last three years, and it is not over yet. It must be said that those who want to go on holiday have no choice, all prices have increased. The average budget per adult reaches €1,499, or 5% more than last year. Faced with this, they are still adapting a minimum, according to TUI.The budget is essential and must be kept under control: 80% of them therefore opt for the all-inclusive formula which means they no longer have to pay extra once the holiday has been booked. Another solution is that French-speakers opt for shorter holidays: 8.3 nights, compared to 9.3 nights in 2023.

Furthermore, it is noted that the Belgian coast will attract 10% more French-speaking holidaymakers compared to last year, proof that the budget is decreasing and changing travellers’ choices.

At Neckermann, on the other hand, we observe a stable trend in terms of spending.”Travellers who opt for a Last Minute holiday choose on average a stay of 10 days (9 nights), for an average budget of €3,114. These figures show that despite a more expensive life, people prefer to go on holiday and therefore do not save on it” says Leen Segers, spokesperson for Neckermann.

Strikes, staff shortages, endless queues: chaos in sight this summer at our airports? “Recommended to arrive three hours in advance”

For air travel holidays, the “classic” destinations such as Spain, Greece and Turkey are still the most popular, but some regions stand out with exceptional growth.This is particularly the case for Cyprus ( + 85%), Kos (Greece + 31%) or Marsa Alam (Egypt + 25%), destinations that are currently flirting with 40 degrees. Similarly, the remarkable growth of long-haul destinations such as Mexico ( + 77%) and Jamaica ( + 39%) prove that French speakers are not afraid of distance when it comes to satisfying a need for exoticism.“, TUI also indicates.

The question now is what stays are left available from tour operators in the face of this wave of bookings. “There are still deals to be had for those who are flexible, particularly in Turkey, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. August is also very popular, but less so than July, and many destinations are still accessible for the time being.”says TUI, which also points to the Azores, Menorca, the Costa Brava, the Neapolitan Coast and Sicily. Finally, the best discounts at the moment are in Kusadasi and Bodrum (Turkey), or Tenerife and Lanzarote (Canary Islands), Cyprus, Sal and Boa Vista (Cape Verde) and Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt).

Holiday route: here are our ten tips to save hundreds of euros on your journey!



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