Boeing reaches agreement with US court to avoid trial

Boeing reaches agreement with US court to avoid trial
Boeing reaches agreement with US court to avoid trial

The recomposed Assembly, who to govern? After the surprise of the legislative elections which stemmed the tide of the RN, France is looking for a parliamentary majority. A headache for the union of the left, fragile despite its 1st place, and a Macronie in decline.

Uncertainties remain more than ever. Neither the New Popular Front (NFP, around 180 seats), nor the presidential camp (around 160 seats), nor the RN and its allies (more than 140 seats) can achieve, alone, the absolute majority (289 deputies).

The left is already putting the pressure on. The NFP must present a candidacy for Matignon “within the week”, assured the leader of the socialists, Olivier Faure, on -.

The leader of the environmentalists, Marine Tondelier, said on RTL that Emmanuel Macron “should call today” on the left to give him the name of a Prime Minister.

In the meantime, outgoing Prime Minister Gabriel Attal is due to submit his resignation to Emmanuel Macron this morning.

Elysian Prudence

However, he could keep his place, or at least be immediately reappointed in order to prevent an institutional vacuum. He said on Sunday evening that he was ready to stay at Matignon “as long as duty requires” in the context of the Olympic Games.

The Elysée Palace is playing it safe: the head of state “will wait for the new National Assembly to be structured before making the necessary decisions”. His position is highly anticipated, as he is the one with the power to appoint the Prime Minister.

The process could take a long time, waiting for a hypothetical agreement between several political forces on a candidate for Matignon and a program. Unless Emmanuel Macron opts for a technical government on the Italian model.

Several voices within the presidential camp, such as Yaël Braun-Pivet, believed on Monday “more than ever in the coalition”. “Everyone will have to make an effort to find a government program,” she stressed on France 2.

And Aurore Bergé extended her hand to LR and its sixty deputies in the new Assembly. “Do they want to remain a systematic opposition force?”, the minister asked on RTL.

On the RN side, still in shock after legislative elections that fell far short of their hopes, they denounced “the quagmire” into which the country has been plunged.

Emmanuel Macron must “decide whether he should appoint a far-left Prime Minister, and then good luck with the confidence vote, good luck with building a budget,” his vice-president, Sébastien Chenu, said on France Inter.

“Institutional paradox”

The equation is almost insoluble. Without part of the left, the Macronists will not be able to govern. Without part of the Macronists, the New Popular Front will not succeed either… Problem: the presidential camp has made it clear that it will not ally itself with La France Insoumise, a hypothesis also swept aside by Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s movement.

Looking to the Republicans could also prove to be a wasted effort: Laurent Wauquiez, back on the national scene with his election in Haute-Loire, has warned that “there will be neither coalition nor compromise” on the part of LR.

“This alliance against the RN results in a form of institutional paradox. The voters mobilized, responded to this call but to produce a France that is ungovernable at this stage,” political scientist Martial Foucault (Cevipof) analyses for AFP.

On the left, the leaders of the New Popular Front are once again challenged to overcome their differences, at the heart of an alliance as broad as it is heterogeneous, ranging from Jean-Luc Mélenchon to Raphaël Glucksmann; from the anti-fascist Raphaël Arnault to the former president François Hollande, elected in Corrèze.

If the balance of power between the political groups of the former Nupes has been rebalanced, the Insoumis remain the main group on the left, with around 75 deputies against around sixty for the socialists, around thirty for the ecologists and around ten for the communists.

“Those who tell us that they will have a majority without LFI did not have the same maths teachers as me (…) I don’t see how that is possible,” noted Marine Tondelier.

“A good Prime Minister must calm the country (and) unite in his own camp, therefore it is “not going to be Jean-Luc Mélenchon”, she added.

We will also have to take into account the “rebels” in the midst of a divorce with LFI, such as Clémentine Autain and François Ruffin, who will not sit with their former colleagues.

Emmanuel Macron must “either leave or appoint a Prime Minister” from the New Popular Front, declared Jean-Luc Mélenchon, inflexibly. Mr. Glucksmann, for his part, was much more open: “We will have to talk, we will have to discuss, we will have to dialogue” in the face of this “divided” Assembly, explained the president of Place publique.

The NFP’s programme, from the repeal of the pension reform to the minimum wage of 1600 euros net, seems in fact incompatible with the ambitions of the presidential camp.

Bitterness at the RN

At the same time, discussions will take place on the distribution of political groups and the allocation of key positions in the National Assembly, with the election of its future president on July 18. The outgoing Yaël Braun-Pivet, re-elected in Yvelines, continues to believe in the perch.

At the National Rally (RN), however, the mood is bitter.

At 28, the president of the movement Jordan Bardella must acknowledge the failure of his “Matignon plan”, which once again came up against the “republican front” despite a clear increase in seats. But the RN’s victory is “only delayed” and “the tide (…) continues to rise”, hoped Marine Le Pen, still in the running for 2027.

In the meantime, the doors of the Palais Bourbon officially open at 2:00 p.m. on Monday to welcome some of the 577 deputies of the new legislature… Not all of them will be there: the Insoumis, for example, have planned to come together on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.

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