The day after the second round of legislative elections, who are the deputies…

The day after the second round of legislative elections, who are the deputies…
The day after the second round of legislative elections, who are the deputies…

At the end of the second round of the legislative elections, which gave a relative majority to the New Popular Front (178 seats), the outgoing deputies who specialized in housing and development issues were mostly re-elected. However, some notable eliminations should be noted, those of David Valence and Jean-Marc Zulesi (Renaissance) who chaired the delegation to local authorities and the Sustainable Development Committee. In the former left-wing opposition, the specialist in accommodation and housing, William Martinet, was also defeated.

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A fragmented Assembly and a surprise on the order of party ranking (read on AEF info). Marked by a new record turnout – at 66.63% – the second round of the legislative elections granted, this Sunday, July 7, a relative majority to the New Popular Front, with 178 seats, followed by the Ensemble coalition, which obtained 156 deputies. Coming in first in the votes cast (32.05%), the National Rally, for which the polls predicted a relative majority, finally obtained 143 seats with its allies the Republicans led by Éric Ciotti. The “historic channel” of the Republicans and various right, opposed to rallying to the RN, obtained 66 deputies on its side. This dispersion of the results around three large blocs leaves total uncertainty on the profile of the Prime Minister and the government that he will be called upon to compose.

Among the housing and urban planning specialists, several outgoing deputies from the Ensemble coalition chose to withdraw after the first round, even though they were in third place in a three-way race. At the end of this second round, a large number of outgoing deputies were re-elected within the Ensemble coalition but also within the new relative majority led by the New Popular Front, as well as deputies from the National Rally in a favorable run-off during the inter-round race.

Ministers strengthened in their constituency

This is also the case for several ministers in Gabriel Attal’s government, who must resign this Monday, such as Guillaume Kasbarian, Minister Delegate for Housing (60.59%, 1st constituency of Eure-et-Loir), Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior (61.37%, 10th constituency of the North), Aurore Bergé, Minister of Solidarity, and Thomas Cazenave, Minister of Public Accounts.

This is without taking into account the entry of a new MP into the chamber, who had previously devoted herself to the subjects of housing, urban policy and planning when she was in the Senate. Valérie Létard emerged victorious from the second round in the 21st constituency of the North under the UDI label, with 51.58%.

Some outgoing deputies defeated in the second round

Other outgoing deputies will not be returning to the National Assembly, where they chaired committees, tabled bills or led parliamentary missions devoted to housing or development. The former president of the delegation to local authorities, David Valence (Renaissance), was defeated in the second constituency of Vosges against Gaëtan Dussaye, candidate of the National Rally. The same is true for Jean-Marc Zulesi, who chaired the Sustainable Development and Regional Planning Committee, who lost his 8th constituency of Bouches-du-Rhône (49.76%) against Romain Tonussi of the National Rally. One of the specialists of La France Insoumise on housing and accommodation issues, William Martinet, was also defeated in the 11th constituency of Yvelines by a UDI candidate, Laurent Mazaury.

The list of those eliminated also includes Nadia Hai (32.95%, 7th constituency of Yvelines), former Minister of the City, and Sébastien Rome (49.51%, 4th constituency of Hérault), co-rapporteur of a parliamentary mission on public financing in fragile territories. Defeated in the legislative elections in 2022, Jean-Luc Lagleize, who initiated a bill on land control, will also not be returning to the Palais Bourbon.



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