Amazon is completely selling off the Moulinex mini Air Fryer during the sales

Amazon is completely selling off the Moulinex mini Air Fryer during the sales
Amazon is completely selling off the Moulinex mini Air Fryer during the sales

The Airfryer is the new star of the kitchen. But unfortunately, it is not necessarily suitable for all homes. This is where mini Airfryers come into play. Small in size, but big in taste and especially on sale, the mini Airfryer from Moulinex has everything to seduce you.

You’ll make people jealous with this mini Airfryer in your kitchen. This revolutionary little appliance is already at a low price due to its capacity. But while the sales are raging, Amazon is giving itself the right to offer it to you for an even lower price! A pleasure for the wallet and for the taste buds.

Moulinex Easy Fry Compact: the oil-free fryer for less than €60 on Amazon

It’s the weekend offer that pleases! Amazon offers the Moulinex star Airfryer on sale. While usually, it is already offered at an unbeatable pricethat is to say: €79.99, it is currently available at €59.99. That is a nice reduction of 25%.

BUY the Moulinex Easy Fry Compact

If you have Prime, you get the 24 hour delivery and if the device does not appeal to you, returns are available free !

Moulinex Easy Fry Compact: the mini Air fryer that sweeps the others aside?

The Moulinex Easy Fry Compact has nothing to envy the competition. With its small size, this mini Airfryer is designed to fry, roast, bake, etc. without cluttering your kitchen space. But what makes this appliance so special and why could it surpass its competitors?

Design and ergonomics

L’Easy Fry Compact arbore un design elegant et modernperfectly suited to small kitchens or for singles and couples. Its compact size makes it easy to store without taking up too much space on the worktop. The materials used are of high quality (remember, Moulinex is a master in the world of kitchen appliances and, above all, it is a brand française), ensuring sustainability et ease of cleaningThe removable, non-stick cooking basket is particularly practical, allowing for quick and easy maintenance.

Performance and versatility

Despite its small size, the Easy Fry Compact makes no compromises on performance. Featuring a 1300 watts powerit guarantees fast and even cooking of food. Thanks to the hot air circulation technology, this mini Air fryer ensures a crispy cooking outside and soft inside, while requiring little to no oil. This makes it not only healthy, but also economical to use.

This appliance is not limited to frying. It is also capable of Grill, to roast and even bake, making it a more than versatile appliance. You can prepare a variety of dishes: frites, vegetables, meats, chicken roast, desserts. Presets and an adjustable thermostat allow you to customize cooking according to your specific needs.

SAVE 25% on Amazon

Ease of use

One of the major advantages of the Easy Fry Compact is its ease of use. intuitive controls and digital display make it easy to select programs and set temperatures. The built-in timer ensures precise cooking without the risk of overcooking. In addition, the 3 liter capacity is ideal for preparing portions suitable for small families or for solo use.

Advantages over competitors

Compared to other models on the market, the Moulinex Easy Fry Compact stands out for its Excellent value. Its performance and versatility rival more expensive models, while offering a small device. Users particularly appreciate its speed and the quality results obtained, which are comparable to those of larger devices. Also, it is one of the largest mini Airfryers on the market with its 3 liters and is not more expensive than some others with a capacity of 1.5 to 2 liters.

ENJOY -25% on Amazon


  • French brand,
  • Price quality,
  • Moulinex = long repairability, quality, service
  • Design and technology.


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