Renewal of DTT frequencies: ARCOM begins its hearings – Image

Renewal of DTT frequencies: ARCOM begins its hearings – Image
Renewal of DTT frequencies: ARCOM begins its hearings – Image

Twenty-four candidates are in the running in this procedure launched at the end of February by Arcom to renew certain frequencies of digital terrestrial television (DTT). After receiving the projects and closing the call for applications on May 15, the audiovisual regulator will hear the applicants until July 17. It is Gulli, the children’s channel of the M6 ​​group, which opens the ball Monday at 9:00 a.m. Among the candidates are potential new entrants Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky (whose project “RéelsTV” will be presented on July 16), the groups Ouest-France (same date) and L’Express (July 15) or the radical left web TV Le Média (July 12). The TF1 group also created a surprise with two projects presented, in addition to the three that are expiring: La chaîne histoire (LCH) and Humour TV. Three other projects are also in the running: BATV from the Christian association Je suis, OP TV from the company Ombre première (which created an overseas music channel) and Mieux from the company Media santé info TV. The latter is chaired by Franck Papazian, owner of CB News, “Who’s who” and Stratégies.

But it is the fate of C8 and CNews, channels under Vincent Bolloré’s wing, that is attracting all eyes. The former has received a barrage of sanctions from Arcom because of the excesses of its star presenter, Cyril Hanouna. Its managers will be questioned on Tuesday morning. The latter is regularly accused of promoting far-right opinions, which it denies. Its hearing is scheduled for July 15. Like C8 and CNews, all the outgoing channels are applying to renew their frequencies: C8, CNews, CStar, Canal+ Cinéma, Canal+ Sport and Planète+ (Canal+ group), TMC, TFX and LCI (TF1 group), W9, Gulli and Paris Première (M6 group), BFMTV (sold to Rodolphe Saadé’s CMA CGM group) and NRJ12 (NRJ group). Arcom, which received a total of 27 applications, deemed 25 admissible.

The hearing schedule

July 8

– 09:00: Gulli (M6 group)

– 10H45: Canal+ Sport (groupe Canal+)

– 2:00 p.m.: Humour TV (new project from the TF1 group)

– 3:45 p.m.: The History Channel (new project from the TF1 group)

July 9th

– 09H00: TMC (groupe TF1)

– 10H45: C8 (groupe Canal+)

– 2:00 p.m.: TFX (TF1 group)

– 3:45 p.m.: LCI (TF1 group)

11 July

– 09:00: Canal+ Cinema(s) (Canal+ group)

– 10H45: W9 (groupe M6)

– 14H00: Canal+ (groupe Canal+)

– 3:45 p.m.: BATV (new project of the Christian association Je suis)

July 12

– 09H00: CSTAR (groupe Canal+)

– 10:45 a.m.: NRJ 12 (M6 group)

– 2:00 p.m.: Paris Première (M6 group)

– 3:45 p.m.: Le Média TV (new project of the radical left web TV Le


July 15th

– 09:00: CNews (Canal+ group)

– 2:00 p.m.: L’Express TV (new project from the L’Express group)

– 3:45 p.m.: Planet+ (Canal+ group)

July 16

– 09H00: BFMTV (CMA CGM)

– 10:45 a.m.: Réels TV (new project of the CMI France group, of the billionaire

tchèque Daniel Kretinsky)

– 2:00 p.m.: Better (new project from the company Media santé info TV chaired

by Franck Papazian, owner of “Who’s Who”, CB News and


– 3:45 p.m.: OF TV (new project from the Ouest-France group)

July 17

– 09:00: OP TV (new project from the Ombre Première company, originally

from an overseas music channel)



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