African Youth in Action

African Youth in Action
African Youth in Action
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In 2024, conducted a study among 1,000 young African talents to better understand their vision for the future of their continent. The survey highlights aspirations and priorities that, if supported by appropriate policies, can transform Africa into a prosperous and innovative continent. This article explores the key findings of this study and the implications for Africa’s development.

Investment Priorities: Energy and Internet

African youth see access to reliable energy and affordable internet as key pillars for the continent’s development. According to the survey, 40% of youth consider energy as the top priority, followed closely by internet at 25%. These two sectors are seen as the foundations of economic growth, facilitating innovation and Africa’s integration into the global economy.

Access to energy not only supports daily needs but also drives industrialization and strengthens economic infrastructure. Similarly, affordable and accessible internet is crucial for education, business and global connectivity. Currently, investments are mainly focused on energy (40%) and internet (30%), but youth are advocating for an increase in these investments to drive economic growth and innovation.

Education: A key to unlocking potential

Education is identified as a major lever to unlock the potential of Africa’s youth. However, the high cost of education represents a major barrier for many families. In countries like Uganda and South Africa, education, whether public or private, often remains out of reach for many households.

Investing in education is crucial to building a generation ready to meet the technological and economic challenges of the future. The study highlights the need to reduce costs and improve access to quality education. High rates of school dropouts clearly demonstrate the urgency of this issue. Initiatives to reduce school dropout can transform youth by providing them with opportunities for a better future.

Employability: A challenge and an opportunity

Youth employability varies considerably across Africa. In North Africa, youth enjoy relatively high employability rates thanks to supportive policies and investments in training. In contrast, in sub-Saharan Africa, low employability rates reflect persistent challenges such as lack of adequate training and employment opportunities.

To improve these rates, vocational training and internships are viable solutions. Offering training programs that are tailored to the needs of the labor market can significantly improve employment prospects for young people. Businesses and governments must work together to create opportunities for internships and vocational training, allowing young people to develop the skills needed to succeed in the world of work.

Entrepreneurship: An innovative solution

Entrepreneurship is booming among young Africans, who see business creation as a way to solve everyday problems through innovation. In North Africa, 35% of young people are considering starting their own business. This entrepreneurial spirit is crucial to catalyzing economic growth and solving local challenges.

Startup success, however, varies by region, with higher success rates in North Africa. This highlights the importance of supporting young entrepreneurs with training programs and access to finance. By providing the necessary resources, young people can turn their innovative ideas into viable businesses, boosting the local economy and creating jobs.

Building the African future

Talenteum 2024 infographic concludes that investment in energy, internet, education, and employability is essential to meet the aspirations of young African talents. Talenteum is dedicated to transforming these dreams into tangible realities, forging a path towards an inclusive and sustainable future for Africa.

Africa’s future lies in the hands of its youth. By investing in key sectors identified by young talent, Africa can position itself as a global leader in innovation and economic growth. Governments, businesses and organizations must work together to create an enabling environment for young talent to thrive.


The Talenteum 2024 study provides valuable insight into the aspirations and priorities of Africa’s young talent. With a focus on energy, internet, education, and employability, these young people are pointing the way to a bright future for Africa. It is crucial that policymakers and business leaders take these insights into account to create a development framework that enables Africa’s youth to realize their potential and contribute to the continent’s transformation.



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