These historic supermarkets are disappearing, here is the brand that replaces them

Two historic supermarket brands are closing their doors.

The vast majority of French people shop there every week. Supermarkets are a must-have in the city landscape. Some brands, established for decades, even give many French people the feeling of having grown up with them. However, a page in the history of mass consumption is turning with the closure of several historic stores.

In a few months, a brand that has 61 supermarkets across France will close its doors and change its brand. Particularly established in the north-eastern quarter of the country, the Cora brand will gradually disappear in the coming months. Established in France since 1969, the family business has sold its stores to a competitor with many more resources: Carrefour.

Since the 1is July, the second most popular French supermarket chain became the owner of the brand and will be making changes to its brand. All Cora supermarkets will become Carrefour supermarkets. This should happen by December 6, Carrefour’s CEO announced to The Republican East.

For consumers, the change will not only be visual. Products on the shelves will also be changed. It is likely that some products that were only offered by Cora will disappear in favor of products stamped Carrefour. The brand promises that this will reduce prices “by at least 10% on nearly 3,000 products.”

But that’s not all. Other historic supermarkets will close their doors. Although some had already started to change their name, new Casino stores are set to disappear in the coming months. After the sale of around 300 stores since October 2023, 66 additional supermarkets were sold at the beginning of July and will therefore change brand.

35 supermarkets (Casino or Casino Hyper Frais, ex-Géant) and 1 Spar will be transformed into Intermarché and 28 supermarkets, as well as 2 drives, will come under the Auchan banner. The centenary green group will not stop there since a dozen other stores will also be sold in the coming months. The exact list of cities concerned has not been released.



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