what should we expect?

what should we expect?
what should we expect?

Autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, Robotaxis and humanoid robots: Tesla’s Master Plan 4 should above all be oriented around technology.

Tesla is working on its Master Plan 4, and it was Elon Musk himself who made it known very concisely with a message on social networks. This plan is the brand’s fourth and will provide the guideline to follow for the coming years, in particular by determining the areas of work of the American manufacturer.

The fact is that at present, the production and sale of cars seems to be a somewhat secondary activity at Tesla, with the Model 2 struggling to show up or the Roadster which is not arriving. The brand’s next big news should be the restyled Model Y, while the Robotaxi should be presented on August 8. At the same time, Elon Musk assured that three new products were in preparation.

What is the Master Plan?

With Master Plan 1, Elon Musk created the Tesla we know today. In 2006, he announced “build a sports car (the first Roadster); use that money to build an affordable car (the Model S then the Model X); use that money to build an even more affordable car (the Model 3) and work on production zero-emission energy.
In 2016, the manager presented Master Plan 2 and cars were already no longer the center of the company’s activities. Here are the four areas of work of this strategy: creating photovoltaic panels and integrated storage systems, expanding the product range of electric vehicles to occupy all major segments, developing autonomous driving capabilities that are 10 times safer than manual driving through massive fleet learning and allowing cars to earn money when not in use. From there came Solar Roof, Powerwall, the Model Y, the Tesla Semi, the Cybertruck and Full Self-Driving. Some of these objectives have been achieved partially or with some delay compared to the initial schedule, while others are still under development.
With the Tesla Master Plan 3 presented last year, Tesla mainly focused on expanding the range of electric cars and the energy sector to adopt a sustainable eco-system as a whole.
But for now, Elon Musk appears to be in trouble. The range will remain unchanged for some time to come, also due to the fact that the next generation unboxed platform has fallen behind in its development and that the various projects, from FSD to Robotaxi, certainly cannot be considered finished. Master Plan 4, given the scenario, seems premature. However, it seems well in preparation.

Tesla looking for new investments?

But what will this fourth part consist of? Probably the Robotaxi, given that the presentation of this new vehicle without steering wheel or pedals will take place on August 8, and Optimus, the humanoid robot in which Tesla places great confidence and of which 1,000 units will soon line the chains of assembly plant in Austin, Texas.
Elon Musk could also use this Master Plan 4 as a lever for new fundraisinghe who has a habit of announcing projects (much) in advance to make investors’ mouths water.

But with all the projects already behind schedule, there is no doubt that they could be a little more attentive.



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