The BANQUE ATLANTIQUE subsidiary of BCP is recruiting for these 02 positions (June 21, 2024)

The BANQUE ATLANTIQUE subsidiary of BCP is recruiting for these 02 positions (June 21, 2024)
The BANQUE ATLANTIQUE subsidiary of BCP is recruiting for these 02 positions (June 21, 2024)
§ Organization

1. Process optimization

– Establish diagnoses of the existing organization by highlighting areas for progress linked to procedures, structures, delegation of powers, decision-making circuits and internal control;

– Propose solutions and ways of improvement consistent with the defined operating rules and in complementarity with the automated information system.

2. That which accompanies change

– Evaluate the impact of IT solutions and operational choices in terms of optimization and reorganization;

– Support users in the implementation of the organizational solutions chosen;

– Ensure the adequacy of the solutions put in place;

– Propose necessary adjustments, if necessary.

3. Organization documentation

– Support the bank’s functions in the organization’s documentation, taking into account the general rules that govern the operation of the group and in compliance with established standards;

– Contribute to the monitoring (completeness, quality, consistency) of the organizational coverage of the bank’s activities in order to maintain the internal regulatory system in an operational state.

4. Management of organizational repositories

– Participate in defining standards for describing the organization;

– Take charge of defining media (printed materials, reports, etc.) and carrying out their upgrade;

– Ensure the maintenance and consistency of organizational standards and the management of their coding.

§ Quality

1. Definition of the quality policy

– Define quality indicator standards with reference to customer expectations and positioning vis-à-vis the competition;

– Ensure the implementation of the quality policy;

– Participate in the choice of themes and improvement plans;

– Contribute to the measurement of perceived quality.

2. Implementation of the quality approach

– Participate in communication around the quality approach;

– Lead the various bodies and circuits for promotion, implementation of quality and evaluation of the solutions adopted;

– Support the functions concerned in the certification process for the chosen activities [préparation des audits de certification (audit initial, …), proposition quant au choix des périmètres, rédaction du cahier des charges, information de l’organisme certificateur en ce qui concerne toute évolution majeure du système de qualité,] ;

– Carry out internal audits to ensure the application of the quality system and evaluate its effectiveness

3. Follow-up of customer complaints

Manage the complaints management process



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