This new Highway Code offense can cost you dearly

This new Highway Code offense can cost you dearly
This new Highway Code offense can cost you dearly

The Highway Code is evolving, notably with the addition of a new offense. It penalizes particular driving behavior with consequences that are best avoided.

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The Road codeIt is not a set of rules set in stone, and that is normal. It must evolve regularly, if only to take into account technological advances in transport and the arrival of new vehicles. It was necessary to decide on the places reserved for electric vehicles, for example. Or integrate the circulation of electric scooters, subject to the same rules as bicycles recently.

Decree No. 2024-528 of June 10, 2024 changes several aspects of the Code, in particular by adding a new offense. From now on, “the fact for any driver of a land motor vehicle to adopt a position or perform an acrobatic maneuver or maneuver not in accordance with the normal conditions of use of a vehicle, characterized by his recklessness, on a road open to traffic public, is punishable by the fine provided for third class contraventions“.

Clearly, you no longer have the right to do “burns” or “donuts” on a public road, under penalty of buy a minimum of €68. Added to this is the loss of 2 points on the licensewhich can also be suspended for a period of 3 years or more. The police can also force the offender to follow a road safety awareness courseat its expense.

The Highway Code adds a new offense and toughens several penalties

In addition to this novelty, the decree affects several existing offenses which are seeing their methods of punishment evolve. For example :

  • the driving with a screen not constituting a driving aid.
  • l’use of a radar detector.
  • Traffic with “a moped, a motorcycle, a motor tricycle or a motor quadricycle not subject to approval” (not approved and therefore prohibited for circulation on public roads).

These facts are now the subject of a fine, which can therefore be reduced. Finally, note that cross a level crossing is now liable to license suspension up to 3 yearsa driving ban for up to 3 years (even a vehicle without a license) and a obligation to attend a training course. This will also make you lose 4 points.



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