Salt launches a new TV box on Android

Salt launches a new TV box on Android
Salt launches a new TV box on Android
The new Salt Tv Box.

After the launch of various applications for connected TVs from Samsung and LG, Salt is launching a new TV box on Android TV, which completes its offering with Apple TV. This was obviously in the air after the appearance of the app for Sony TVs on Android. Getting started.

The small 4K HDR10+ and Dolby Vision box is about half as thin as the Apple TV. In principle, it connects to Salt’s fiber optic network via Wi-Fi without any problem. In my case, I used an RJ45 cable. This done, despite some problems linked to the outage on Monday evening, I had to enter my Google account credentials. Still a bit tedious with a remote control.

A revamped interface

This done, we discover the redesigned interface of the Salt TV box still very close to what is available on the Apple TV and in line with the application for Sony televisions. The operator wanted to put the user experience at the center of its developments. For this reason, the box always starts on the new home page.

This provides easy access to a selection of content, the program guide and applications. Redesigned, the remote control is very similar to that of a Sony-type connected TV running on Android. Specific keys provide access to the home page and applications labeled the little green man. Teletext and HbbTV are now available.

Direct access to Netflix

In the left menu, direct access to the Netflix menu has been provided. At the very bottom of the home page, it is possible to launch applications from the Play Store and in particular those from Play Suisse, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube or even Paramount+. These programs open directly after a first authentication. Navigation is smooth.

Salt explains that it wants to offer a better experience in the two major ecosystems of the market, those of Apple and Google. The product, Chromecast compatible, seems very successful as it stands and allows the Renens (VD) operator, in the hands of the French Xavier Niel, to now catch up with some of the delay compared to other competitors.

A seven-year follow-up guarantee?

On the “sustainability” side, this case is made from 85% recycled plastic. According to Salt, it will be regularly updated. Running under Android 12, the question of updating it to the next version of the system is unfortunately not guaranteed. Worrying! At my request, I was told during a presentation that follow-up for at least seven years seemed guaranteed.

“We have a service guarantee from our supplier which commits it, for the duration mentioned during the interview of 7, even 8 years, to supporting future developments of Google’s OS. So, depending on the availability date of Android TV 14, it is very likely that our box will be updated so that our users benefit from the latest advances. Please note that these updates will be carried out if the performance of the hardware allows it and guarantees a smooth user experience,” according to Salt.

In any case, this type of device is essential today when we see that Sony is not capable of keeping its very high-end “Master” series of televisions up to date for more than two or three years. Once again the question of longevity, updating and recycling of entertainment electronics arises.

Xavier Studer

We will come back in more detail in the coming days on this very interesting product.

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