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The chip shop where many Belgians go was in reality hiding a terrible secret: the customers knew nothing and yet, “was this also the case here?” »

The owner of the chip shop was caught in the act. His clients would never have been able to know his secret without the intervention of law enforcement.

The De Frietist chip shop has decided to innovate (illustrative photo) – Belga

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Published on 01/08/2024 at 7:43 p.m.

The owner of a Ghent chip shop and a pokébowl company was much more than an entrepreneur. If the customers could not know it without the intervention of the police, the chip shop hid a sad and deplorable secret.


Indeed, as our colleagues from HLN indicate, the said owner was also active in the world of drugs. The latter was caught red-handed during a special police action. The man had cocaine in his possession. An additional 97 grams and €4,500 in cash were also found during the police raid.

For the judge who handled the case, it is “incomprehensible” that an entrepreneur with two operating companies was tempted by drug trafficking. Ghent’s modus operandi? Send messages to “customers” who then had to go to the establishment’s toilets to collect their merchandise.

The “Chez Bryan” chip shop was voted best chip shop of 2023.The “Chez Bryan” chip shop was voted best chip shop of 2023.

The “Chez Bryan” chip shop in Aubange voted best chip shop in Belgium 2023: “At our place, we are not here to pull the gu…! »

The judge asked the man for the definition of the word “full” which was often found in his SMS exchanges. “Terminology we often see in the drug world. This is usually a reference to cocaine. Was this also the case here? “, he said. The owner then denied it, claiming that “it was fries with ragout”.

The verdict in the case was delivered this Monday, January 8. The owner of the chip shop was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence of 12 months, as well as a fine of €8,000, of which €4,800 was also suspended. He will also have to part with his dirty money, namely the €4,465 he had earned with drugs, concludes HLN.



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