Here’s why Meta is delaying the launch of its AI in Europe

Here’s why Meta is delaying the launch of its AI in Europe
Here’s why Meta is delaying the launch of its AI in Europe

European users will have to wait a little longer than expected to be able to take advantage of Meta’s generative AI. In fact, the firm is forced to suspend the release of its intelligent assistant in Europe.

Available in the United States for some time, Meta AI was preparing to land on the Old Continent. Deployed on social networks, it promises to revolutionize the use of these platforms thanks to its advanced features. That said, European users will have to wait before they can take advantage of it! And this is due to the suspension of the deployment of this generative intelligence.

Europeans can’t wait to discover this new tool from Mark Zuckerberg’s company. However, they will have to be patient. In fact, the group announced the suspension of its release, at the request of the Irish Data Protection Commission.

“We are disappointed by the request from the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), our main regulator, to delay the training of our large language models using public content shared on Facebook and Instagram,” reads we on the press release from the social media giant. The firm considers this a step backwards and a further delay in the development of generative AI on the continent.

A notification causing this delay

Recently, Facebook and Instagram users received a notification that sparked controversy. The message indicated that the published content would be used to train its AI models. Following this, the NOYB organization intervened to ask the authorities to prevent the implementation of this policy. As a result, she filed a complaint in eleven countries with data protection authorities on the continent.

The Austrian association, which is already at the origin of numerous complaints against Meta, denounces the application of this approach without the consent of users. Furthermore, she welcomes the decision to suspend the training project using shared public content.

For its part, the American firm assures that it is possible for them to prevent the exploitation of their personal data. “To put it simply, if we don’t include local information, we will only be able to give people a degraded experience […] We We are confident that our approach complies with European laws and regulations. Training AI models is not unique to our services, and we are more transparent than many of our industry peers“.

It should be noted that this delay in no way means that the project falls through. Meta says she continues “to work so that Europeans have access to the same level of innovation in AI as the rest of the world“.

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