School trip turns into a “nightmare”: Boeing turns around due to crack in cockpit

School trip turns into a “nightmare”: Boeing turns around due to crack in cockpit
School trip turns into a “nightmare”: Boeing turns around due to crack in cockpit

The school trip for 6th grade and CM2 students to Greece did not go as planned. Several children went to Orly airport at 6:30 a.m. on Monday morning to take a plane at 9 a.m., heading to Athens, as part of a school trip to Greece.

The Transavia Boeing 737-800 takes off as planned, but “after two hours we hear the pilot telling us: there is a technical problem, we have to come back to Orly since it is irreparable in Athens », Tells BFMTV Isaac, a 6th grade student who was part of the trip.

“At 12:30 p.m. we received a message from the school indicating that the plane had been diverted to Orly for a technical incident…”, also reports on LinkedIn Rebecca, who presents herself as the mother of an 11-year-old student who is part of the journey. She later learned that the U-turn was due to a crack in the cockpit windows, which would not have been repairable in the Greek capital.

A second flight canceled

The plane “landed safely at Paris-Orly airport and a change of aircraft took place,” reports Transavia, contacted by Le Parisien. The students are in fact placed in another plane, but it will not take off due to damage to the engine.

Everyone then heads into a third craft, which is slow to take off. The teachers then decide to bring the classes down and cancel the trip. “After an hour of waiting for their suitcases to arrive (which ultimately won’t be the case before 8 p.m.) everyone returns home, without luggage, with disappointment in their eyes, and for many terrified at the idea of ​​getting back on a plane », writes Rebecca.

Transavia explains for its part that unloading the luggage took time because they had to be identified one by one, and that everyone was able to collect their belongings in the evening.

“Some had nightmares”

These inconveniences have left their mark on the students. “I was worried after a while,” confirms Isaac. I said to myself that we could have risked a crash, friends of mine were really terrified, some had nightmares.” He emphasizes that he had doubts about the flight going well after realizing that he was boarding a Boeing. The company’s planes have regularly been singled out in recent months for various anomalies.

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Rebecca, for her part, points out the lack of care for the children, who would only have had refreshments during the day and 5 euro vouchers for food. And throughout the day, “not one piece of information from the company, on the ground no one can give information to parents by telephone, the nightmare”.

Karim, Isaac’s father, also reports the anguish experienced on Monday: “You’re worried, you’re afraid and you also discover the laxity and negligence of an entire organization,” he denounces to BFMTV. For him “it is not only the responsibility of the company, it is also the responsibility of the airport. »

For its part, Transavia France presented “its apologies to the passengers of flight TO3520 between Paris Orly and Athens, and more particularly to the students on a school trip”. The company promised to reimburse return flights and compensate passengers up to 400 euros per person.



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