OpenAI multiplies partnerships and settles definitively in the media landscape

OpenAI multiplies partnerships and settles definitively in the media landscape
OpenAI multiplies partnerships and settles definitively in the media landscape

Bild, Politico, Business Insider, Le Monde, the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Post… and now The Atlantic, Vox Media. The list of OpenAI partner press titles continues to grow. In the space of a week, the creator of ChatGPT made three announcements on this subject. First there was the agreement with the media empire built by Rupert Murdoch – News Corp – which has several titles in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The deal could be worth more than $250 million (around 230 million euros) over five years, and would include compensation in the form of cash and credits for the use of OpenAI’s technology, according to people familiar with it. folder. In return, the creator of ChatGPT would use News Corp article content, including archives, to answer user queries and train its generative AI models.

The Atlantic also said yes to OpenAI

In the process, The Atlantic announced “a strategic content and product partnership with OpenAI“. Articles from the American monthly will be discoverable in OpenAI products, including ChatGPT, and as a partner, the media will contribute to “shape how news is delivered and presented in future real-time discovery products.” If the wording is convoluted to say the least, we can assume that OpenAI is preparing to create news feeds powered in real time by ChatGPT.

In parallel, The Atlantic is currently developing an experimental microsite, called Atlantic Labs, to understand how AI can help develop products and features to better serve journalism and its readers. A start of reflection on the future of journalism in the age of generative AI? According to Nicholas Thompson, CEO of The AtlanticIt’s a possibility : “We believe that searches using AI models will be one of the fundamental ways of browsing the web in the future.” The media also maintains its ambitions: to exceed one million subscriptions and achieve profitability.

The Vox Media strategic group is also giving in to the advances of AI

Vox Media’s respected portfolio of titles, including Vox, The Verge, Eater, New York Magazine, The Cut, Vulture And SB Nation, will help inform ChatGPT’s 100 million users. In any case, this is what Vox Media is saying. The two companies also plan to pool their respective expertise to develop products for Vox Media’s consumers and advertising partners powered by AI.

OpenAI specifies that it will improve its technology with the Vox Media archives, a veritable gold mine of data to feed its precious models. Launched in 2011, the group is finding a second wind in this partnership and plans to create applications and services both internal and intended for the public. The objective is always the same, regardless of the sector: to push for hyperpersonalization and assist the user-reader-consumer through the discovery of recommendations and key information.

Finally, Vox Media specifies that its advertisers will benefit from the OpenAI partnership “thanks to even more robust optimization and targeting by audience segments”, with, the key, “even higher campaign performance”.

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