McDonald’s ridiculed in Whooper’s dad’s latest bug

Expert in punchlines, Burger King grills its competitors as much as its Whoppers. His communication shots are generally excellent, except when the slider is poorly adjusted. After attacking the government at the start of the year, Burger King is this time targeting its long-time competitor: McDonald’s. And unfortunately for the father of the Big Mac, the bill is steep.

full size burger

Head to Mexico with the arrival of Mega Stackers, giant burgers that stack steaks. But rather than playing the excess card, McDonald’s competitor decided to play the honesty card. For this, nothing better than promoting the “real” size of your burgers, with a “Real Size” campaign. So, on giant posters, the burgers, real size, are tiny. Big for burgers, small on a global scale, a campaign that hits the mark and allows consumers to perceive the true size of these new products.


The Mega Stackers are thus visible on 95 advertising billboards in Mexico, with a Burger King wishing to emphasize transparency and authenticity. In passing, the brand denounces the practices of its competitors, who do not hesitate to present enlarged burgers, with disappointment on the plate. A campaign by We Believers that you can find just below.

It remains to be seen whether the Mega Stackers will be a success across the Atlantic. An XXL size burger which does not necessarily suit European consumers. But with the phenomenon of “shrinkflation” which continues to rage in fast-food brands, such a burger will undoubtedly shrink enough to please the most gourmands. Regardless, Burger King hits again hard with this new burger.


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