Here is the Cadillac Optiq, the new electric car arriving in France opposite the Tesla Model Y

Unveiled at the end of last year, the new Cadillac Optiq, a 100% electric car, is finally arriving on the French market. The electric SUV takes the opportunity to reveal its technical characteristics, and in particular its generous autonomy.

It’s been a while since General Motors packed up and left France, since its departure dates back to 2017, the year in which Lancia had also decided to leave, due to lack of sufficient sales. And 2024 marks the year of return for the two manufacturers, who are officially returning to our market.

An entry-level model

Already since 2022, the American group has been planning to make its return to the Old Continent, but only in electric mode with its brands. It was Cadillac which was therefore chosen to be the first to set foot on European soil, first with its Lyriq, the first zero-emission (exhaust) model, which was unveiled the same year and which is available at the order since last March. But another car is also arriving on our roads. This is the Cadillac Optiqthe firm’s 3rd electric car which will also have the mission of conquering our market.

This was officially unveiled last November and once again takes the form of an SUV, more compact than its big brother. This one also adopts a style quite close to the latter, particularly at the front. We find a fairly similar light signature, with LED optics which go down to the level of the shield. However, the grille here is much smaller and more discreet, positioned just above an open shield to let in fresh air.

If the press release published by the French division of Cadillac has not yet officially revealed the dimensions of its latest addition, the site Car News China gives us more information. Logical, because the vehicle is already marketed in the Middle Kingdom. It then displays a generous length of 4.82 meters for 1.91 meters wide and 1.64 meters high. Which places it above the Tesla Model Y in terms of size, although the two should generally play in the same league. It should also rival the new Peugeot e-3008 we just tested.

Moreover, the new Optiq sports a slightly cut silhouette, particularly visible at the rear with the tilted bezel. It also sits on large rims, the size of which has not yet been revealed, while the stern sports a futuristic design. The light signature is separated into two parts, one of which goes up to the rear window. On the other hand, the Cx (drag coefficient) has not yet been revealed by the American manufacturer, which has done work on aerodynamics, particularly at the level handles integrated into the bodywork.

An incredible 9K screen on board

Until now, the driving position of the new Cadillac Optiq still remained very mysterious, but now the manufacturer is finally revealing some official photos. The opportunity to discover a very modern and refined presentation, which reminds us of certain Chinese productions, among others. In the center of the dashboard, we find a large digital panel, like on the BMW i4 or even at Mercedes, which displays a diagonal of 33 inches. The latter displays an incredible 9K resolution, doing even better than the Buick Electra E5 and its 6K.

It is divided into two separate screens, one serving as an instrument cluster and the other taking the form of a touch screen with very modern graphics. If all the functionalities are concentrated there, we still notice the presence of steering wheel controls and physical buttons for the air conditioning. A good thing, since the EuroNCAP organization could penalize manufacturers who opt for all-touch, like Tesla for example. The car is also compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

It also integrates Google services (with Android Automotive and the Play Store), including Maps and Assistant, while you should also expect to benefit from a voice assistant and very probably a induction smartphone charger. However, we should know more in the coming months.

In any case, the electric SUV should offer very appreciable comfort for passengers, since it benefits in particular froma generous wheelbase of 2.95 meters. Enough to accommodate up to five people on board, with plenty of space in the rear seats according to the manufacturer.

The trunk volume is announced between 441 and 1362 liters in China. The car is equipped witha large panoramic roof delivered as standardas well as rear quarter windows designed acoustic laminated glass. Enough to offer optimal comfort to passengers, while the seats are covered in recycled fabric. The interior veneers are made from tulip wood and recycled paper.

More than 500 kilometers of autonomy

The new Cadillac Optiq is obviously based on the Ultium platform developed by General Motors, which also equips the Hummer EV. The SUV is equipped with a battery supplied by the joint venture created by the Chinese giants SAIC and CATL, displaying a capacity of 85 kWh according to the press release from the French division. It differs from that which equips the Chinese version, which is available in two versions with 68.4 and 79.7 kWh as indicated on the official website of the American manufacturer.

In its configuration intended for our market, the new Optiq will be able to travel up to 300 miles on a single charge, which is approximately 482 kilometers. A figure communicated according to the American EPA cycle, which is a little stricter than our European WLTP. We can therefore expect a range of between 500 and 550 km depending on the size of the rims for Europe.

However, the charging time and power have not yet been specified in the press release. But this specifies that the car can recover up to 127 kilometers in approximately 10 minutes. In China, 20 to 80% is achieved in 33 minutes. It also features battery preconditioning to speed up charging when it’s cold.

Only one configuration will be available in France, displaying a power of 300 horsepower and 481 Nm of torque from two motors, one on the front axle and one at the rear. However, the 0 to 100 km/h and maximum speed have not yet been specified by the brand. In China, the most powerful version (286 hp and 465 Nm) announces 5.97 seconds and 180 km/h respectively.

However, we know that several driving modes will be available, including one intended for driving on snow and icein addition to standard, sport and customizable configurations.

In addition, the Cadillac Optiq is also equipped with regenerative braking, but also one-pedal driving, which is found on many models, including the Nissan Leaf or the Tesla Model 3. It also has the right to autonomous driving Super Cruise, which would be more efficient than Tesla’s Autopilot. However, it remains to be seen whether it will be delivered as standard or offered as an option only.

Launch in September

In total, two versions will be offered for the new Cadillac Optiq, called Luxury and Sport. If the price for France has not yet been specified at the moment, the electric SUV would start around $45,000 excluding taxes in the United States, which corresponds to approximately 50,000 euros including tax according to the current exchange rate. A price which should not allow it to be eligible for the ecological bonus of 4,000 euros with us.

Note that orders should not take long to open in France, while the American firm specifies that the production of this new arrival will begin in late fall.



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