“I wouldn’t know how to recharge the car”: lack of sunshine worries photovoltaic panel owners

Since the beginning of March, there have been 130 fewer hours of sunshine compared to seasonal norms. In addition to the influence on our morale, the production of photovoltaic panels is plummeting. A drop in performance which worries individuals who rely on this production to reduce their electricity bill.

For owners of photovoltaic panels, the season is particularly bad. Equipped with 32 panels, Pierre’s installation theoretically produces 10,000 kWh per year. But the weather in recent weeks distorts all projections and it is not the rare appearances of the sun that save the day. “I spend almost everything I produce and I’m not going to put anything aside for winter“, he said. “I think this is the worst year.

15% less

The Pierre installation supplies 15% less than last year. 31% less if we only take into account the month of May. This is insufficient for this owner who heats himself with a heat pump, drives an electric car and even has a battery. “I have very important needs that I no longer know how to satisfy anyway“, he sighs. “I wouldn’t know how to recharge the car with what I produce at the moment.

Similar observation for businesses and in particular the Martin bakery whose imposing workshop is covered with 600 photovoltaic panels. His boss is looking to save energy but it won’t be right away. “We invested last year in a large photovoltaic installation“, said the boss. “This is a problem since we consume a lot of electricity. This large installation brings in less.

“We are losing a third of production”

The wind turbine, which is operating at full capacity these days, compensates a small part of this loss of production estimated at 30% in May. The company purchases 200,000 euros worth of electricity per year. But this amount may not be enough this year to operate the oven and cold rooms. “We still consume a lot of electricity, so solar panels help us limit consumption.“, explains Martin. “Here, if we lose a third of production, it is really a dead loss in terms of consumption.

According to the IRM, since March 1, the sunshine deficit is 130 hours compared to seasonal norms. The coming summer will therefore be decisive for photovoltaic production.

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