Alfa Romeo abandons the asymmetry of the positioning of its license plates

Alfa Romeo abandons the asymmetry of the positioning of its license plates
Alfa Romeo abandons the asymmetry of the positioning of its license plates

For safety reasons, Alfa Romeo is now forced to place its front license plate in the center and no longer on one side.

When you think of Alfa Romeo, two rather unusual design details probably come to mind: the “hidden” upper handles of the rear doors and the asymmetrical front license plate, moved to the left.

The first element disappeared in 2020 with the cessation of production of the Giulietta, but it has just returned with the Junior SUV. The second element is disappearing and is unlikely to return. From now on, all models of the brand will have their license plate in the center. At least for products sold in Europe.

A “safety problem for pedestrians”

And why this ? Due to new regulations (again…) on pedestrian safety. Alfa Romeo’s head of design, Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, told Autocar journalists that the change was imposed by the new GSR2 standard which will come into force in July 2024. Obviously, placing the license plate in the center would reduce the risk of injury.
While waiting for presumably logical explanations regarding this decision, two solutions are perhaps to be retained if we follow this decision: remove the front license plate, as is done in many American states where it is not mandatory. If that’s too much to ask, perhaps a self-adhesive license plate must surely be better for pedestrian safety than a combination of plastic and metal protruding from the front of the car.

Alfa Romeo and European standards

Alfa Romeo has already complied with the new legislation by equipping the Junior with a centrally mounted number plate. The immediately recognizable grille is still fully visible since the plate is mounted on the lower part of the shield.
The head of design has confirmed that the next-generation Giulia and Stelvio will receive a “new interpretation” of the V-shaped grille.

They will have a closed design, because there will be no thermal engine to cool taking into account that these two models will be electric…due to new standards. They again.



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