INEOS awarded best DELL partner in North Africa

INEOS awarded best DELL partner in North Africa
INEOS awarded best DELL partner in North Africa

INEOS, a Moroccan specialist in digital services linked to IT infrastructures and networks, has just won the “Trophy for the best DELL partner in North Africa”. Recognition awarded to a partner who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to Dell products and services in the North Africa region. In this interview, Réda Bakkali, CEO of INEOS, reveals the achievements and strategies that led to obtaining this distinction. He also tells us how Titanium Partner status with DELL strengthens INEOS’ position as a technology leader in the region.

Cio Mag: What were the main achievements of INEOS that led to winning the trophy for best Dell partner in North Africa? How will this recognition impact INEOS’ strategy in the short and medium term?

Reda Bakkali: We are deeply honored and proud of this exceptional distinction, which makes INEOS shine on a continental scale. This recognition places our company among the best digital services companies in Africa, particularly in the segment of complex technological infrastructure integration.

Obtaining this trophy is the result of meticulous work, accomplished over several years, aimed at developing our ability to serve our customers. This success is based on in-depth technical expertise around cutting-edge technology on a global scale, on the exceptional quality of the service offered, and on the effectiveness of the results obtained. This success is also the result of a strategic and operational alignment with Dell, whose synergy of our two entities has allowed us to deliver the best of global technology to our Moroccan and African customers.

Thanks to these joint efforts, INEOS teams have been able to successfully complete projects with very high added value, ranging from simple technical architecture exercises to the deployment of turnkey data centers for operators of vital importance within of the Kingdom.

This recognition above all confirms the notoriety and credibility of INEOS among its customers. Furthermore, it validates our strategy of specialization in this technology, offering our customers a guarantee of our “ability to do”. This supports them in unlocking their digital potential, through the storage and security of their data.

Can you tell us what it means for INEOS to be a Dell Technologies Titanium Partner? What are the benefits and responsibilities associated with this status?

Being a Titanium partner of Dell Technologies implies, on a normative level, the obtaining of several technical certifications by our teams, the deployment of technological projects and the provision of high value-added services. This status, very exclusive in Morocco, makes us all the more proud as we obtained it through the implementation of complex infrastructure projects, rather than through simple marketing of products.

The benefits of this partnership are mainly based on mutual trust established between our technology partner and us, as well as with our customers. This demonstrates that INEOS is now a key player on a national and continental scale in the services we offer. It is also a great responsibility: to be the ambassador of a global technology leader while maintaining impeccable quality of service for our customers.

Customer satisfaction is a key criterion for Dell recognition. How does INEOS ensure we maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and what are your plans to further improve this area?

Customer satisfaction is deeply rooted in INEOS’ DNA and is an essential pillar of our commercial policy. In addition, our strategic development plan devotes a structuring axis to the centrality of the customer throughout the value chain that we serve.

On an operational level, a satisfied customer is one who sees his project completed on time, with the expected quality and within predefined budgets. It is therefore essential for us to keep our commitments in terms of expected results. To do this, we place a strong emphasis on the continuing training of our teams, who must constantly remain at the forefront of the latest innovations and technological advances. Furthermore, operational efficiency is essential in our approach in the field, to which is added the flexibility we demonstrate to build and maintain a relationship of impeccable trust. Customer intimacy is indeed, in my opinion, a key success factor in the success of complex projects.

In summary, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is, in our opinion, proportional to the level of added value offered to them. In this sense, we impose upon ourselves the requirement of technological excellence, attentive listening and impeccable quality of service.

By way of illustration, the project relating to the organization of the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Marrakech, for which INEOS was the technological architect for an end-to-end service (IT architecture to support during the event), is a real textbook case. At the end of the event, we were honored to receive the certificate of technical excellence from the World Bank, as well as a letter of thanks from the Minister of Finance for the quality of the service rendered. This satisfaction is for us the greatest gratification there is.

What are the innovative projects you are currently working on and how do these projects align with Dell solutions?

A company that does not innovate is a company doomed to phagocytosis by a constantly changing environment. History has demonstrated it. At INEOS, we place a special emphasis on internal and external innovation.

To this end, and among the preeminent subjects in terms of innovation, there is certainly that of artificial intelligence. Even if this theme tends to be somewhat overused due to the fact that it is the subject of mass communication and multiple publicity effects, we are working, with our partner Dell, to put forward concrete solutions for our customers, “use case” oriented. Thanks to close collaboration with the “consulting” branch of the manufacturer, we wish to have a pragmatic approach around generative artificial intelligence, as a lever for innovation and acceleration of Moroccan companies. It is therefore not a question of marketing turnkey solutions but rather of taking ownership of the client’s issues and problems in order to offer them a tailor-made approach, in the form of a solution to a problem.

The added value of the DELL – INEOS couple also relies on our ability to support these business solutions with the necessary computing power in terms of technological infrastructure. Still with Dell, we also offer innovative services in terms of cybersecurity, which strengthen the cybersecurity posture and resilience of Moroccan and African companies. I am thinking in particular of the service proposition around compromise assessment, which is an innovative and high added value offering consisting of carrying out an in-depth investigation into the client’s ecosystem in order to detect potential threats in the form of “cells”. dormant”, having been able to take advantage of a security breach, even momentary, to understand the client’s technological environment before carrying out an attack, several months later.



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