More holidays and AI for apprentice masons in Vaud

More holidays and AI for apprentice masons in Vaud
More holidays and AI for apprentice masons in Vaud

Concerned about the erosion in the number of mason apprentices over the past ten years, the Vaudois Group of Masonry and Civil Engineering Companies is launching a pilot project. To meet the aspirations of Generation Z, it is offering ten weeks of vacation and the use of artificial intelligence from the start of the 2024 school year.

Over the last ten years, Vaudois masons have seen the number of new apprenticeship contracts drop by 40%. In addition, almost half of apprentices do not complete their first year of training. In this context, the number of CFCs issued to new qualified employees is clearly insufficient to ensure professional succession, underlines the Vaudois group of masonry and civil engineering companies in a press release on Wednesday.

Promote the transition

To reduce the gap between school and the professional world and finally appeal more to generation Z”, the Vaudois masons are proposing a “revolution, a real paradigm shift”, in the words of the group’s president Jean-Luc Jaquier: offering ten weeks of vacation in the first year of training.

Without affecting the vocational training ordinance, it is a question of moving closer to school models such as the gymnasium, perceived as very attractive by young people. This additional free time is also important for apprentices completing a professional maturity.

The number of weeks of leave decreases as the training progresses. It increases to eight in the second year and six in the third, Jean-François Savary, director of the School of Construction which is collaborating on the project, told Keystone-ATS.

Fun learning

Another big change, the branch proposes to use artificial intelligence (AI) in addition to professional courses. It will allow apprentices to do self-study on their smartphone and consolidate their theoretical bases.

In the form of fun and educational questions, this acquisition of skills is imposed on them during part of these additional holidays. But young people will be able to organize themselves freely.

Based on interactions with the user (5 to 15 minutes per day), the AI ​​neural networks are able to build a model of each apprentice’s mind, including their knowledge levels, needs and preferences. cognitive abilities. Individual monitoring acting as true mentoring, underlines the press release.

Finally, a complementary practical course which goes beyond the federal ordinance, meets the expectations of companies (working at height, aerial platform permits, laying pipes, etc.).

Positive reception

This spring, the business leaders and artisans of this project met with training companies from across the canton to present this paradigm shift to them. The reception was generally positive.

The principle of reality has imposed itself on entrepreneurs: a new formula is necessary to ensure succession, transmit the passion for the profession and be able to meet the challenges that await entrepreneurs (energy renovation of buildings and construction of 5,000 housing units per year expected to respond to the dynamism of the canton and its demographics).

This program is intended for the 2024-2027 period. Currently, around a hundred apprentice masons are undergoing training over three years. With these measures, the branch hopes to attract at least twice as many, said Mr. Savary.

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