Potou: onion producers want market regulation

(APS) – Onion producers, in the Louga region (north-west), are awaiting market regulation measures from the public authorities for a better flow of their production, part of which is rotting, indicated their spokesperson.

Speaking with journalists on Wednesday, Khadim Diop sounded the alarm, calling for “urgent intervention” from the State to save onion production threatened with rotting because it cannot be sold on the market.

“The demand from onion producers is clear: immediate action to regulate the market to counter the unfair practices of large agro-business players, who dictate prices and harm small producers, to save onion production threatened with rotting because it cannot be sold on the market,” he declared, following a visit to the Potou storage center.

“After months of intense work, we are forced to store our harvests, due to failure to find buyers on the market, while this precarious economic situation also has repercussions on agricultural workers, whose salaries depend directly on the sale of the harvests” , he said.

Khadim Diop explained that producers can only pay their workers if they manage to sell their products.

“Every year, we produce considerable quantities of onion, but we are faced with the same recurring problem: the absence of adequate infrastructure for storage and marketing,” insisted the spokesperson for the platform of onions. Potou onion.

He asked the new Minister of Agriculture, Mabouba Diagne, to travel to Potou and “to look into the critical situation prevailing there because for some time, rumors have been circulating according to which the supply of onions on the market would not be sufficient to meet demand during the Tabaski period”, the major Muslim festival to be celebrated in mid-June.

He says he “categorically” refutes these rumors, assuring that “producers are fully capable of ensuring an adequate supply of the market until after the big Touba magal”, scheduled for the end of next August.

Regarding the current selling prices of onions, Mr. Diop considers that they are “depressing” and represent “a drastic fall” compared to the prices usually charged.

“We sold our onions at a much higher price before,” says the spokesperson for the Potou producers’ platform, before adding: “This is why we really need support and monitoring. from the State so that we can sell our production and find a lasting solution to this onion crisis in Potou”.

Marie Sow, producer and member of the Potou cooperative society, said this crisis “affects not only producers but also the entire region, highlighting an urgent need for government intervention”.

“It is time for the State to take concrete measures to support producers, build modern storage facilities and regulate the market to ensure fair remuneration for our work,” she argued.

Ms. Sow, speaking on behalf of Potou producers, launched “an urgent appeal to the authorities”, asking them to take “immediate action to save their production and guarantee [la] economic survival” of the sector.



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