More AI, geopolitics, CSR and innovation at NEOMA which announces 13 new double degrees

More AI, geopolitics, CSR and innovation at NEOMA which announces 13 new double degrees
More AI, geopolitics, CSR and innovation at NEOMA which announces 13 new double degrees

18 months after presenting its strategic plan “Engage for the future”, NEOMA notes that the latter (= the future) is getting closer and closer. “ The world is changing and we need to acceleratenotes Delphine Manceau, head of the business school since 2017. Three years ago, Ukraine was at peace, we had a lot of trade with Russia, inflation was not an issue, droughts and storms remained exceptional phenomena, the Middle East was in a more difficult situation. calmed down, Chat GPT did not exist and AI remained a somewhat theoretical subject… », Lists the general director in the introduction to the press conference which was held on the Paris campus of NEOMA on May 28. How does the institution which integrates more than 700 CPGE students each year take these developments into account? Summary of announcements particularly concerning the Grande École program.

As a result of these transformations which go beyond the strict framework of business while having major consequences on the economy, NEOMA has chosen to “go beyond its original framework” in particular by implementing alliances with higher education institutions on subjects that she has identified as important for the training of her students. An update on those that change the face of the PGE from the start of the 2024 school year in the areas of engineeringof there data and of artificial intelligenceof geopoliticsof the ecological and social transition and of innovation.

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4 new double degrees Manager/Engineer

On the “engineering” side first, NEOMA announces the creation of 4 new manager/engineer double degrees from the start of the 2024 school year with the following partners: THE THIS, EFREI, ESIGELEC And INSA. The “mirror” version has been around for several years, but it’s good his students that NEOMA would like to see graduate froma CTI engineer title in addition to its Master in Management thanks to these new alliances. The studies are divided into 2 x 2 years without additional tuition fees. “ Companies are looking for these dual skills. It will be a challenge for our students, especially for physics courses, but we are working with our partners to lead them to success! » assures Delphine Manceau.

Internationally, we have signed four new double degree agreements in the field of tech and engineering with excellent partners.adds Imen Mejri, director of the PGE. With Tongji University, in the Top 10 establishments in China, a Master in Management Science & Engineering is opening, as well as a Master in Technology, Economy and Management. In Taiwan, we concluded with Tsing Hua University the opening of an MSc in Industrial Engineering and a Master in Technology Management “.

Artificial intelligence and geopolitics: reinforced approaches

A new double diploma with Elon University (United States) in the field of Big Data also opens this fall at NEOMA. It is also with INSA that the business school has joined forces to offer a new double degree entitled “AI for Business”. NEOMA also includes compulsory courses on this theme from L3: “Data Science & AI” (15h) will appear in the common core, as will the M1 course in “Data Analytics & Decision Making” (30h). In the final year, students will be able to access a new 30-hour minor, “Tools for data Analytics”.

NEOMA’s links with the IRIS are strengthening with the opening of a new L3 course co-led by professors from both institutions. Still within the common core, but in M1 this time, 30 hours of “Business & Geopolitical risk” are added to the curriculum. Interested students can choose one of the 4 double degrees in M2 that the schools have been offering together since 2019.

A more important place given to the study of ecological and societal transitions

To strengthen its students’ mastery of subjects associated with ecological and societal transitions, as it has formalized in its strategic plan, NEOMA is integrating two new courses within the common core. In L3, it is simply titled “ Sustainability » and takes place over 30 hours. In M1, it takes the form of a seminar called “ Dimensions in Sustainability transitions “. “ During 45 hours spread over 7 days, our students choose 9 courses approaching the traditional professions of a company (purchasing, supply chain, marketing, etc.) from a sustainable angle. At the same time, they participate in a challenge at the end of which they must formulate their recommendations to help the company evolve on these subjects. », explains Imen Mejri. Furthermore, a new international double diploma concluded with the University of Bologna (Italy) allows students to obtain a Master in Social Economy Management.

New alliances with NGOs will allow students to get involved in the field of solidarity outside the strict academic framework. The most committed will be able to follow the IMPACT Course which replaces the PEA Track: with courses concentrated each morning, it allows the conduct of entrepreneurial, associative or voluntary projects in the afternoon.

Innovation training fully integrated into the NEOMA curriculum

Awarded by 18 awards for its innovative initiatives and appearing 2nd among the most cutting-edge French schools on the subject according to the ranking of Europe’s Leading Start-up Hubs du Financial Times, NEOMA announces that it is strengthening innovation education by offering a complete dedicated course, from the year from L3 to M2. The “Start now” seminar will lead its new recruits to imagine an impactful entrepreneurial project. Design Thinking courses will follow throughout the first semester which will end with a hackathon on impact entrepreneurship. In M1, the Innovation management course will complete the knowledge of students who will be able, in M2, to follow the “Innovation for good” (30h) or “Digital transformation & Change management” (30h) minors.

To integrate all of these new courses into the common core, the business school has rethought the organization of compulsory courses by reducing the number of hours from 45 hours to 30 hours or by moving part of the lessons so that they are balance between L3 and M1. This also ensures even more relevant progression, explains Imen Mejri. The 13 new French and international double degrees announced by NEOMA Business School will also strengthen access to major new opportunities for PGE students, an average of 150 of whom leave the school with 2 diplomas each year.



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