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“Dad, you disappeared from the shores of the lake…”


Published today at 8:00 p.m.

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We happily return there, at the foot of this bronze sculpture with two heads which now only has one. Julie likes on-site feedback and technical follow-ups. The horse is still there, its hooves planted in the lawn of Quai Wilson. Incomplete posture. The teenager with raised arms is missing to give the whole thing its own dynamic.

Here he is in his original version, the real boy who once – it was in 1976 – posed for the late sculptor Heinz Schwarz in his studio in Pont-du-Centenaire. Julie is early for the meeting. Him too, just to escape the storm that is brewing together. Beautiful encounter.

The model has aged but easily finds this gesture which elongates her, while remaining dressed. His name is Serge Vilbert and he works in energy accounting. Sustainable real estate, building audits, the city seen from the rooftops, it’s his daily life.

At the time, it was on one level, long sessions in the position desired by this artist whose works, easily identifiable, still occupy the public domain today in different places in the canton. “He was a friend of my mother, who made the casts of the pieces to be made,” says Serge. I must have been 16 when he asked me to pose for him. I don’t remember, however, being present at the opening. I loved traveling, the United States appealed to me.”

While leaving in Geneva this other life, in bronze, promised to a notoriety for almost half a century. When, recently, the daughter of the now sixty-year-old passed by the lake, she immediately called him to tell him: “Dad, you have disappeared from Quai Wilson!”

Shared emotion. Admirers of this monumental work will be happy to learn that the missing part will be put back in its place, with lower limbs restored and anchors consolidated, already during next week.

The model confesses to knowing nothing about horses. “I had to go on a group horseback ride once in the Camargue, and that was it.”

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