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B3G, the publisher, integrator and operator of digital solutions intended for the financial sector, is accelerating its international development.

Capitalizing on 20 years of expertise in the transactional mobile and fintech market, the company is preparing to establish itself in Saudi Arabia and sub-Saharan Africa. “This shift towards export is a sign of the maturity of our company which, in addition to its digital banking and Wallet solutions, has been able to invest in the industrialization of its processes and the development of its FawriFlow LowCode/NoCode platform in order to supporting our customers, all sectors combined, with more agility”, immediately affirms Faycal Bellamine, co-founder of B3G.

Concretely, the Fintech integrator targets two priority markets: the Gulf countries and those of Central and West Africa with an ambition to increase the contribution of exports to its turnover to more than 40 % by 2025.

“This choice is not accidental. First, we already have mobile money customers in Morocco with a regional presence in Africa. It is a logic of continued development, particularly on the African continent, especially since we have had a subsidiary active in France since 2022.”, adds Faycal Bellamine.

With a team of more than 70 employees, B3G is positioned in value-added service segments intended for the financial, payment and multi-sector support sectors to successfully meet the challenge of digital transformation.

B3G’s key to accelerating its growth lies in the promotion of its digital and “embedded finance” experience platform which combines LowCode/NoCode “FawriFlow” and mobile banking/Wallet.

B3G positions itself as a publisher accelerating digital transformation thanks to this low-code platform. We specifically target the financial sector and fintechs with digital solutions, e-wallets and integrated financial services. Our platform enables the rapid launch of cloud-ready and white-label solutions, leveraging the power of low-code to effectively meet market needs, delivering optimal flexibility and performance”, explains the co-founder of B3G.

On the operational level, the company is preparing to deploy a pack of its “FawriWallet” wallet in white label mode to fintechs in Morocco and Africa, as a turnkey solution for mobile payment management. This positioning benefits from the excitement of the fintech ecosystem, in particular payment institutions and companies that want to launch their own wallets.

Note that the company is also preparing to launch this year, thanks to its investments in R&D, two new solutions intended for the financial sector, namely a universal payment middleware integrating payment protocols in particular ISO 20022 with access simple and secure in OpenAPI, and a solution based on artificial intelligence against financial transaction fraud.

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