In Luxembourg: Drunk behind the wheel, he speeds at 86 km/h on the Red Bridge

Holidays are not just watered down by rain, for these motorists, who had put a little too much pressure on the bottle before getting behind the wheel. Thus, during a speed check on Tuesday on the Red Bridge, the police stopped a driver who was speeding at 86 km/h instead of 50 between the Ville Haute and Kirchberg. While checking the vehicle’s documents, officers noticed that the driver smelled of alcohol. The test confirmed that he had drunk too much and a report was issued.

During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a car drove zigzags between Grevels and Koetschette. A police patrol was able to stop the vehicle, so the driver was drunk. Here again, a report was drawn up.

Also last night, officers checked a vehicle on rue des Glacis, in Limpertsberg. They smelled a strong odor of alcohol from the driver. Additionally, the car’s technical inspection had expired “for some time.” The motorist received a temporary driving ban.

Finally, on Tuesday evening, a patrol checked a car parked on the sidewalk, with the hazard lights on, on rue du Commerce, in the capital. The person behind the wheel had drunk too much, and his vehicle had neither a valid tax sticker nor an up-to-date technical inspection. A report was drawn up.

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