A congress to ensure the future of the quad

A congress to ensure the future of the quad
A congress to ensure the future of the quad

During the congress of the Fédération Québécoise des Clubs Quads (FQCQ) which will be held this weekend in Rivière-du-Loup, representatives of member clubs from across Quebec will be called upon to decide on measures to be put in place to ensure the sustainability of the practice of their leisure.

“For three years, we have worked with the clubs by consulting them, via workshops and meetings, in order to find a solution to reduce the administrative burden on our clubs,” explains the president of the FQCQ, Réjean Blouin. We have found solutions which will be presented to the delegates. »


For the president, who will not be up for election this year, these votes are very important.

“There are always winners and losers. We just have to think about equalization. This year, it will be in my opening speech at the conference. We will go to the vote and the majority will be right. Those who are against and who are not able to rally, as I experienced, this means that the organization is no longer made for them,” continues Réjean Blouin.

For the president, obtaining unanimity on all issues complicates reality and prevents progress.

“By absolutely wanting unanimity on issues, we are not moving forward because there are always dissatisfied people. We decided to go with the majority. This is how we intend to operate this year. »

The president recalls that big projects are on the table.

“Our major projects such as signage, trail surveillance, reducing the administrative burden by centralizing the maintenance of certain trails, will be on the table. We also have our big shift which is intended to be a way of involving all users in the Federation. By the same token, we will increase the number of our members,” specifies the president of the FQCQ.

In the case of the new marketing approach file, the Federation presented the file to all manufacturers in the quad world, who showed interest in investing. “Ultimately, it is an operation that will not cost the Federation a single penny, which will now be able to benefit from greater visibility and better attractiveness,” explains Réjean Blouin.


The latter wants to give clubs the tools to return to their primary mandate.

“We must try to work together to organize more activities, more jamborees, scenic hikes and more. We must also give advantages to members who, with their card, will be able to obtain, for example, discounts in hotels, hostels [et] in restaurants. All these advantages will attract new members. »

Ultimately, what the FQCQ wants to do resembles the model of the Quebec Camping and Caravanning Federation, which oversees activities organized by its regional sections throughout the camping season.

The leaders of the FQCQ want to create a new approach to quad biking, accessible to individuals and families. We are placing a lot of emphasis on the recreational and tourism development of the activity, highlighting all the advantages that revolve around Quebec’s quad circuits.

This congress will be an opportunity for delegates from the 104 member clubs of the Federation to discover the new products and to participate in the development of the activity.

Also, it will be a question of modeling club financing for the future.

Elections are planned for some board positions. Among the candidates, we find Danny Gagnon, who will attempt a return to the Federation’s board of directors.

We must not forget that it was he who created the Federation and the entire network of trails in Quebec. He is an early architect of the development of organized quad biking in Quebec.



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